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Posted on December 13th, 2013

Christmas Reindeer

Here at Coombe Mill we have a wonderful herd of fallow deer. They are on extra rations now just in case Santa needs them for Christmas.

 Coombe Mill Deer at eating breakfast

However everyone knows Santa’s first choice is for Reindeer; not something we plan to move into on the farm but, thanks to a post I was copied in on via twitter from The Un Cheshire Wife, we have reindeer of sorts. Lolly, who writes the Un Cheshire Wife, collected some homemade reindeer from The Walton Lea Project, to sell on at a Charity Christmas fair and kindly thought what fun they would be for us. All it took was a quick look at the simple design and we were all off on a mission to make a Coombe Mill reindeer family for Christmas. 

Our first task was to find suitable bodies from the log pile.


Reindeer body hunting


Then we needed limbs and antlers from around the farm. This gave the boys a chance to try out Dad’s saws under my watchful eye.

Sawing branches on the farm


I did try to take us on a short cut back to the shed past where the lake had been dredged in the autumn and came a cropper in the mud! At times like this having teenage boys to tug me out really does help, meanwhile Guy kindly took my camera to protect it from the bog and proceeded to take copies photos of my stuck position complete with my bum in the air as I tugged at my boots! When asked why he didn’t take any from the front he wisely pointed out that would have involved him being stuck too!


Stuck in the mud


Safely back at the shed and Nick was busy drilling holes into bodies for the legs to be attached. It was really a very slick operation leaving the rest of us watching in awe. Felix was allowed a turn and said it was much harder than it looked!


 Making Reindeer at Coombe Mill


The triplets had a bit of fun with the antlers and making snow storms from the sawdust generated from Dad’s work.


 Kids at play



Working as a team, with a little play in between, we managed 3 adult reindeer and a baby one which the children carefully clung onto for the bumpy journey from Dad’s shed to the lawn where they finished up looking impressive over the lane for all to see.




Clio even experimented with blinging one of them up with Tinsel. 

 Coombe Mill Reindeer Family


Then inspiration struck. We had a set of solar lights which we carefully removed from their hedge location and wrapped them round the reindeer. There weren’t quite enough to fully define the reindeer but it still made a fun Christmas decoration. 

 Christmas lighting Reindeer


I think these reindeer might become an annual craft for us; certainly cheaper than and just as effective as the expensive designer decorations sold in the shops!

Remembering Kerry aka Multiple Mummy

Kerry is a wonderful lady I never managed to meet, yet tweeted with often. She was at the heart of the Mummy blogging world just eighteen months ago before a terrible brain haemorrhage. Kerry lost her brave fight for life a year ago today leaving a wonderful husband and 3 tiny children. The blogging world thought it would be fitting to remember her today through her linky Family Frolics which was born at the same time as Country Kids; Kerry and I both laughed at how similar our ideas were. Country Kids is now in its 114th week and I know if Kerry were here we would still be linking up and supporting each other. My Christmas Reindeer family fun this week doubles up as a Family Frolics post as it would have in past times.  RIP Kerry x


Joining in with Country Kids

Country Kids is simply about outdoor fun for kids. Please come and join in and share your adventures whether they be crafting, learning, playing or discovering the great outdoors. From an urban park to the quiet of the woods, make the most of your family time out then grab the badge and share your fun here. Remember to pop back and see what others have been doing too; my inspiration often comes from reading your posts.

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Just for this week, in remembrance of Kerry, any indoor or outdoor family fun posts carrying the Family Frolics logo are most welcome to join this Linky. There is also a Blog Hop for Family Frolics organised by The Boy and Me 


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