Get Your Life in Order for 2014

Posted on December 31st, 2013

In a Muddle

Sometimes I feel life is racing past so quickly and I struggle to keep up. In my head are all the clubs and activities for the children, on my computer business plans and booking systems and on white boards my to do lists. Across the room are various filing cabinets full of yet more papers and documents both for Coombe Mill and for our personal life and I even have a pin board for random useful stuff, useful right up to the moment I’m trying to find it! Sometimes the idea of a single point as a reference for everything that is my life feels like such a good idea.


My office at Coombe Mill

My Life Pack

When Louise of My Life Pack contacted me to see if I was interested in taking a look at her new book I was more than a little
interested. This is a book that you fill in to make your own reference centre with all the important things in your life. It is huge and leaves no stone uncovered. One of those things where you have to dedicate some time to creating the organisation, but can then sit back in the knowledge that never again will you wonder what a password is, when those important birthdays are or who and where the details of your will are held should anything untoward happen.  This is the perfect way to feel you are really de-cluttering your life with an easy way to manage your finances, your home, your family and your work all in one comprehensive book.

My Life Pack

This book is not cheap but is made of a good quality paper to last a lifetime with ten significant life categories. It would make a thoughtful and imaginative yet practical present for a special occasion. A wedding, anniversary, house move, baby shower for friends or family or a retirement present strike me as excellent opportunities. The pack retails at £79.95 but on the website currently is a special January offer for £59.95. For Coombe Mill readers this offer will be extended to 28th February, just quote Coombe Mill and email louise@mylifepack to receive this.


A perfect Present

I decided to gift my copy to my Brother for Christmas and it really caught him by surprise.

Uncle Mark and a special Present

Mark runs his own business and has 4 wonderful children and two soon to be three grandchildren not to mention 5 nephews and a niece from my family and plenty more besides. Here is someone whose life could really use a touch of organisation. It wasn’t long before I had him sat down over a quiet cuppa with my children all crowded round to help fill in their birthdays and personal details for him.

 Filling in My Life Pack


As I waved him off on his journey home via his daughter in London complete with his My Life Pack I have a feeling this book is going to become the bible to his life.


Driving home from Coombe Mill

Win your copy of My Life Pack with Coombe Mill

If you fancy starting 2014 off by ditching the clutter and working out an order to your life why not enter this prize draw and win your copy of My Life Pack. Just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

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I was sent my copy of My Life Pack to review and gift myself. All views and opinions are my own.