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Posted on January 3rd, 2014

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first Country Kids of 2014 and the 117th from me. I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and plenty of outdoor fun over the holidays. Here on the farm we have been battered by storms with wild winds ripping down the valley and rain enough to make even our little side tributaries looking like a raging river. However between the storms we have had some beautiful sunshine too and have been making the most of that. 

Thankfully the worst of the storm this week was overnight. Waking up to calm in the morning and a good turnout for the feed run all on board were in for a treat as we braved the ford with the tractor, squeals of excitement as we travelled. My lovely Rockfish Wellies only just keeping the water from spilling over onto my toes as I captured some of the photos here! 

A glimpse of those wonderful sunny mornings


In the afternoons the train rides were full every day.  Guy my resident driver has his little speech ready for everyone and has perfected the art of driving without derailing. He takes his watch out playing with him and always remembers, sometimes only just in time, to come home and open up the train to a waiting crowd of little faces.


 Coombe Mill Railway

In the hours inbetween my children have delighted in making full use of their brand new 14 foot trampoline; a Christmas present from both Grandmas’. It is a sky high extreme 360 trampoline from Big Game Hunters. We chose to buy this one after being so happy with our smaller one we reviewed which is still looking good as new in the pirate boat play area. The new one has already been put through its paces with our own children and their many friends from boxing day onwards when the boys all put it up together. It is perfect for a little outdoor fun in the garden all year round. My only concern is that it is just outside my kitchen window and their daring acrobatics frighten me to death; thank goodness it comes with a good quality net too!


Trampoline for Christmas


We couldn’t let New Year pass without some special celebrations. Despite a beautiful day rain was forecast, thankfully it held off till New Year’s Day and left us with a beautiful evening. We all crowded round while Farmer Nick gave us a wonderful firework display. I filled the BBQ hut with nibbles and drinks for all our guests and we sent a few lanterns up into the sky which the children loved, cheering them on their night time journey. I had a quiet reflective moment for #MatildaMae as the lanterns sailed over the roof tops and on towards the brightly shining stars above. It was a warm and joyous social occasion for all present and a fitting end to 2013.




 New Year's Eve Celebrations at Coombe Mill


Here on the farm we are looking forward to 2014 and hoping it will be the year we welcome you and your family to stay. 

Joining in with Country Kids

I hope you have managed some outdoor time over the past few weeks. Whether it is a country walk, a visit to the park or enjoying some new outdoor Christmas presents please come and share here on the linky. Fresh air family fun time is great for mind and body. Please grab the badge and check out some of the other lovely ideas here.

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