Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on January 10th, 2014

The Eden Project

Every year before the children go back to school from the Christmas holidays I like to try and squeeze in a trip to the Eden project. We have season tickets as it is little more than half an hour by car from Coombe Mill. I always have ideas of visiting during the summer as I know they have activities for children all year, however somehow the lure of beach in summer always wins making this our winter place. From November to February they have an ice rink in the concert marquee and I must confess this is the highlight for all my children. Interest in everything else is partial until their place on the ice is secure. 


 Ice Skating at Eden Project

There is always someone who spends too much time with their ass wiping the ice, but they tend to bounce back smiling. I have never yet fallen, but then as the children are quick to point out I don’t go too fast, try skating backwards or perfecting my 360 turns! 

 Falling on the ice at Eden

Country Kids on Ice

I am the mean mother that carries a bottle of water with me for them to drink and a slice of cake each from home, however this time the kids had their Uncle Mark to spoil them and it was giant hot dogs all round on the side of the ice rink. I think they had a bath in ketchup but were most appreciative.


Skate side Treats for Country Kids

Refuelled we took in some of the iconic features that really make Eden famous.

Sights of Eden

The layout of Eden is perfect for inquisitive minds. There is so much to see, touch, do and read making it is educational yet engaging. 

The Mediterranean Biome had us learning how to make Giant crocheted snowflakes from polystyrene piping.


Snowflake Making at Eden

We admired fruit growing on the trees under fun coloured lights and ambled round at our own pace. The children happily lifted lids to read about olive oil, dared each other to taste a chilli and had a good look around an old style straw hut.


Mediterranean Biome


The tropical biome is a chance to warm up from the winter air with plenty more to see and touch as you travel round.


 Tropical biome at Eden

Inspiration for Coombe Mill

Eden is full of great ideas that I would love to adopt for us. I was quite taken with the designer tractors and wondered if Nick might be able to copy this. The hop, skip and bounce instructions for little ones along the paths would be fun to create along our lodge path and the domed information stations I would love to have next to our animal fields with information on breed temperament and diet.

 Ideas for Coombe Mill from Eden

Guy and Clio had a quick go at crafting at the DIY crafting room, I loved this idea and have again added it to my ‘to do list’ for Coombe Mill when we invest in a larger indoor play area. 

 DIY Crafts at Eden


Hopefully we won’t leave it another year before returning!


Family Fun at the Eden Project

Joining in with Country Kids

Please don’t let the January weather make you hibernate. Embrace the seasons and grab yourself some outdoor fun. From walking in the woods to playing in the park, wrap up warm, leave the central heating and screens behind and give your mind and body some fresh air. Just remember the camera and come back here to tell of your adventures. Please grab the badge and link up remembering to check out the other posts here, it is often the source of my ideas.

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