My Dad is Farmer Nick

Posted on January 27th, 2014

Top 10 ANNOYING things my Dad does!Clio & Dad

By Clio Cambouropoulos

To you my Dad is known as Farmer Nick. You will think he is the smiley, chatty and jolly farmer on his tractor. I’m going to share another side of Farmer Nick (My Dad.) These are the top 10 annoying things my Dad does to me and my brothers. I am going to start at number 10 and work my way backwards to number one; number one being the most annoying in my view.



Whenever he goes shopping about 99.9% of what he buys is Asda smart price, Tesco value or a special offer. I find this embarrassing as all my friends seem to come to school with cool brands.

 Smart Price and Value goods


Whenever we play a song he will always say “Is this Justin do dah?” and we reply “no Dad it is not Justin do dah the singer is …!”I think he knows really but he loves to wind us up.


 Clio listening to music


My Dad is always calling people nicknames he calls me “Elle Lazo” but I say “Dad I am not lazy, I help Mum with her blog actually!”


 El Lazo


Dad listens to his horrific and annoying 1980’s music like punk at max volume. We all HATE it!


 Dad's 1980's music



My Dad will start a sentence and then 30 seconds later he will finish it. Often we try to finish it for him but then he gets annoyed when our guess is wrong!


 Dad talking to me



Dad only ever wears his famer clothes; he wears them if he is in town or if he is in Asda or even on holiday.

 Dad the farmer at the Olympics


Whenever Dad see’s a frog he will say “Clio kiss it, it might become a prince.”


 klissing a frog to call a Prince

And now we have got to the top 3 ANNOYING things my Dad does to me and my and my brothers.


To my Dad every after school club is “dancing club!” Actually I go to Gymnastics, ballet and tap dancing and they are not the same.


He cuddles me so, so, so hard and I have to squeal in return, which I think annoys him quite a lot too!


Daddy cuddles


This is most certainly the most annoying thing my Dad does:

He snores through every program and when he is asleep on the sofa we try and steal the remote to change channels but as soon as we try he will wake up and say “Oi I was watching that!”Then he will fall straight back to sleep! So we send him to bed. Unfortunately he often does not go to bed when we send him to bed so we have to put up with it, or we will go down stairs to watch our program in the kitchen!     


Dad asleep in front of the TV


Does everyone have a Dad who is as annoying as mine? I’m sure my friends Dad’s are much more normal and far less embarrassing than mine. Don’t get me wrong, he is funny and loving too and I wouldn’t swap him for the world, but changing a few of his ways would be cool. Next time he takes you on a farm tour to feed the animals, watch out for the jokes if you see a frog! 

Dad and Clio

To Dad with love from Clio 


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