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Posted on February 7th, 2014

A trip to the City!

It isn’t often that we take a family trip to a city but Clio, Theo and myself have all visited the most amazing all you can eat oriental restaurant in Plymouth town centre at some stage over the past year and all come home raving about how wonderful it is. Farmer Nick was curious and so we decided to make a day trip and a rare family lunch outing. I say rare, as with eight of us meals out can be so expensive that to my children fish and chips or McDonald’s is a huge treat! Plymouth is a good hour’s drive so we set off after a family feed run to making sure all the animals were fed and their hay and straw topped up before we left. I even took my DSLR along in case of any good photo opportunities as it fits so easily in my new Mai Tui Bag. The inner bag was claimed by Clio so we could be matching!


Mummy & Daughter

Lunch was every bit as good as I remembered and the children certainly had their money’s worth going up about five times to sample new things and refill on the things they loved. They even had a magician come round the tables which kept ours captivated as they tried to second guess all his tricks. A bill a little over £100 wasn’t bad for excellent food and two rounds of drinks for all.


 The View Restaurant Plymouth


Tummies full we set off to explore the city. The children were immediately drawn to the fountain in the centre; though we did have to stop them wading in to collect the pennies people had thrown!


 Fountain Fun in Plymouth

Next up some fun play equipment, Alistair remembered these being huge from when he was a toddler, now at fifteen and nearly six foot they barely pass his knees and the others couldn’t remember them at all!  

 Play Horses

Living where we do, buskers are a bit of a novelty to the children and Guy and Jed were transfixed by some rather good young lads on their electric guitars. So much so after adding their pennies they asked if they wouldn’t mind a photo together, next thing I knew they had the guitars off them too! Thankfully the lads found them quite endearing and it made Jed and Guy’s day. 

 Busking in Plymouth

We hit the shopping centre for new school shoes and other essentials before making our way to the Marina. The children danced along walls, made themselves at home with a model sheep and enjoyed the pedestrianised streets with room to run ahead without us worrying.

City Fun

I hadn’t realised how much of the old city had survived the war time bombing. There are still a few cobbled streets and quirky old style housing and shops bordering the marina.


 Old Town Plymouth

The Marina itself is somewhere I have never visited, but it is quite delightful with all the boats moored up and cafes and bars over looking.

Plymouth Marina


The children frightened the life out of me climbing up an old decorative crane that captured their imagination, standing on the marina railings and peering over the water’s edge yet never once looking unsure of themselves while Dad and the older boys studied boat prices in the agent’s windows.


Climbing at Plymouth Marina

It was a lovely way to enjoy a very different day for us and a bonus for me not having to cook dinner!

Family Day in Plymouth

Joining in with Country Kids

If you have been enjoying the outdoors please come and join the linky. Urban and rural posts are all welcome, so long as it involves fun with the children and no computers or screens anything goes. If you can grab the badge and remember to visit some others linked here that would be much appreciated. I love to see the ideas here each week and have been super impressed with the effort to wrap up and brave the weather by so many these past few weeks; this alone has been motivational to me. A huge pat on the back to all joining me through the wettest January on record; please keep the posts and great ideas coming.

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