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Posted on February 28th, 2014

Fossil Hunting on the South Downs

One of the highlights of half term for us was meeting up with family. We spent a few days in Sussex with Nick’s Mum (Yia Yia to the kids) and his sister who came to visit too. That made nine children all in one house and so as soon as the rain cleared we headed out. Where better with a rowdy bunch of boys and Clio than the freedom of the south downs? We packed hammers and coats and set off to discover what had been preserved in the chalk for centuries. The children were glad of the space and as soon as we parked the car ran ahead playing in the open fields heading towards the chalk pit.


Heading towards the Downs

The younger children were quite taken by the animal homes they found, we suspected rabbits lived down here.

 Finding Rabbit holes


There were some seriously boggy sections to negotiate and the children discovered the mud under them was infact clay and began to mould it in there hands as well as trample it underfoot. My Rockfish Wellies had changed colour by the time we reached firm ground again!


Discovering Clay


Then it was hammers to the ready as the children smashed and chiselled at chunks of Rock. A little tuition and they were soon slicing sections and examining them for shell and worm shapes. Nick was wonderful explaining to them all what was and wasn’t a fossil.

 Fossil Hunting & Chalk Writing

An explanation of what they were looking for from Dad

The keen continued to search why the adventurous tested my nerves climbing up the pit and waving, running and playing near the top. It was a delight to see our children helping their younger cousins, or maybe that was leading them astray! Either way they had a wonderful time together with all ages mixing in a way that is so effortless in a family group.


Playing in the chalk pit


On the way back half took the car while a party of us took the scenic walk back over the downs where the views were breathtaking in the late afternoon light.

Scenery on the Downs

We crossed Lewes golf course which Jed found fascinating and insisted on investigating the flags and lying on the greens enjoying the afternoon sun!


Lewes Golf Course


When we reached the other side the town was visible below. We followed a wooded path with a few opportune trees to swing from.

Through the woods


On we marched through the town centre conspicuous in our chalky state next to the last of the shoppers and onto the park where we cleaned our boots in the raging stream.


Chalky in Town


And finally back home to catch up with the others. A wonderful afternoon with children caked in debris from their adventure without a care in the world.

Cousins reunited


Joining in with Country Kids

How have you been enjoying outdoor time with the kids? If you have a story to tell of a day out, some outdoor crafting, learning or playing from the garden to the beach please grab the badge and come and join me here on the linky. Country Kids can be urban or country based so long as it involves the outdoors and a break from central heating, sofas and screens. Please take time to read the other links here, each week there are some great ideas for outdoor fun.

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