Capturing Memories of Family Life

Posted on March 18th, 2014

When the children are young, capturing their development is so important. Back in the day when I had six children, under six, and a business to run, the camera only came out on special occasions, it was not great quality and cumbersome and in the order of milk, wipes and nappy sacks, cameras just dropped off the essentials list. I missed so many of the ordinary moments that at the time I imagined I would never forget, yet somehow now find myself reflecting and struggling to remember huge chunks of everyday life. When did they learn to walk, how did I push three in a pushchair and 2 on boogie boards all at once? If I had my time again I would be capturing those moments on a modern day Camera and recording it all for the future.  From when my youngest, the triplets, reached six I had my blog, there are wonderful reminders for me in here and my blog has always focussed on photos which really can tell a thousand words. Looking back just three years to my early posts I can see just how little I understood about photography. I had a basic instant camera and it did the job. However I have since upgraded my camera twice as technology advances and my desire for better photos moves with it. I now have a phone or a camera on me at all times and have discovered that just a little understanding of the basics of composition and light can make a huge difference to the standard of photos you can take. Add to this the benefits of a good Digital Camera like the range from Sony and professional looking photos are just a click of a button. Sony have a camera that will work for a busy Mum like I was just trying to record those everyday moments, up to cameras that will auto focus quicker than a DSLR, and a lens collection so impressive you can create world class images or even attach one to a smartphone. Photography is not just for the professionals these days; with a good camera you really can capture everything from a first smile to a video of the school play in amazing clarity. Just look at some of the stunning and varied photos making the finals of the Sony World Photography Awards – 25 amazing SWPA 2014 shortlisted photos. The entries are diverse yet all remarkable in their detail and composition.

This is my personal favourite as it reminds me of my daughter in her ballet classes. The black and white adds to the mood and nostalgia of the photo.

Sony World Photography Awards 2014

Anastasia Zhetvina, Russia, Shortlist, Culture, Youth, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

It would take a fast shutter speed to capture this action photo so clearly

Sony World Photography Awards 2014

Anna Vadász, Hungary, Shortlist, Environment, Youth, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

This is just the sort of “ordinary moment” I wish I had more of. I wonder what she is thinking as she stares out on the world below?

Sony World Photography Awards 2014

Paulina Metzscher, Germany, Winner, Portraits, Youth, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Personally I could really have done with the A Mount 6000 camera yesterday and its super fast auto focus as I attempted to move an eight month donkey from the stable out to the field wearing her first ever head collar whilst simultaneously trying to auto focus and shoot with my DSLR, not an easy manoeuvre and some very average photos! One of the great Sony lenses would allow me to capture our majestic deer hiding in the furthermost corner of their field with quality and definition as though I were standing just feet away. Now I wonder if I can justify another purchase knowing all Sony have to offer? 

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