What Motivates a Tween Girl?

Posted on March 27th, 2014

Girl Talk Magazine

A new copy of Girl Talk goes on sale today marking 500 successful issues for tween girls. This landmark publication seeks to raise awareness of roles models for youngsters with a ‘Girls Are Amazing’ campaign. This follows a readership survey which found that the most admired celebrities were all pop stars or actors, headed up by Katy Perry. The campaign aims to broaden the horizons of their 7 to 12 year old readership group to encourage them to consider alternative career possibilities when they grow up.


Girl Talk Magazine

Clio's Perspective


My own daughter is coming up for 10 with some very clear ideas of what she hopes to do in the future and she is delighted to share these aspirations here for Girl Talk.   



Clio’s Perspective on Tween Role Models & Ambitions

“As a young girl myself I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but I have always loved to help Mum when she was on the computer, I would either help design where the pictures went or add my ideas to help with her blog posts or even just take the camera and grab some photos. I realised that whatever I did in my life I would love to include photography and writing and that is when Mum gave me her old camera and got an awesome new camera herself, which I love to borrow. Now I have my own space on the Coombe Mill blog called Clio’s Perspective, so it was my own Mum who inspired me to start blogging and in a way she is one of my role models.


Clio & Mum


Outside of my family one of my role models is Leah Gooding of CBBC Newsround because she is an amazing news presenter and a fabulous journalist. If she makes a mistake when she is live on news round, she will just carry on like nothing happened, that takes guts. I have also been thinking that as a job when I am in my early 20s I might become a news presenter as I think it will be so much fun and I might get to meet and interview celebrities like Leah got to interview David Beckham (Ok so I like celebrities too!) and also travel the world with my job reporting on interesting events.

 Clio as a Newsround Presenter


One of my other role models is Karren Brady off the BBC series “The Apprentice” because she is immense at being a success in Business. She has a strong character and survived a severer and even life threatening brain tumour! Another reason I look up to her is that  when she was just 23 she managed Birmingham football club and I have always had a little thing for football too but most of all she is inspiring on The Apprentice which is where I heard about her. When I am older I want to go on the Young Apprentice just for the amazing experience and because I think I could help my team win with what I’ve learned through our family business.


Clio as a Young Apprentice


I have heard from my friends that if they could choose to be either pretty kind and funny or strong clever and brave then they would choose to be pretty above all else followed by kind and funny. I know that as children we are always are trying to act all grown up like we are in year eight or more but I feel my friends care too much about their appearance and not enough about their school work and grades. For example in my class we only get two bits of homework, one bit of Literacy and one bit of maths, but still some people don’t complete it. Of course I would love people to see me as funny, kind and pretty because I think this makes you popular, but I know growing up with five bothers I am also brave with a strong character and I am working on being clever.  

Clio reading Girl  Talk & trampolining

My advice to all tweens out there is to think beyond being a pop star, actor or model, as you have to be so good at them to become a celebrity. Instead work hard at school and find out about other careers like journalism; you never know you might get to interview the celebrities then or even someone more important like the Prime Minister or the Queen!” 


Clio x


Girl's are amamzing


I hope Clio continues to aim high and follow her dreams. Nick and I will certainly give her every encouragement; in between like most tweens I’m sure she will continue to admire her favourite pop stars too!


Disclosure: Clio was thrilled to receive a subscription to Girl Talk for her post; however all views expressed here are her own.