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Posted on April 4th, 2014

Logs of Fun

Back in the storms of winter I mentioned that we lost several trees. Nick has been gradually chain sawing these into manageable chunks ready to be dried and chopped for firewood. However I was keen to divert a few to the play area after seeing a Country Kids post from Misplaced Brit a few weeks ago and thinking how perfect this would be for Coombe Mill.


 Farmer Nick Making Logs

The older boys loaded Dad’s chopped logs into the trailer and drove them to the far play area while I supervised. I was very glad of their help as they were way too heavy for me.  Farmer Nick looked on in dismay as his future log store supplies disappeared before his eyes!


Logs to play area

Once at the play area we decided on a stepping stone path around the perimeter of the chippings. The teens made it look so easy throwing them out of the trailer.

Teens making stepping stones for the play area


The heavy work done it was time for big kids to be small kids as they tested out their work. Ally had a wobble and when they challenged me I fell right over much to their amusement.

Our little play demonstrated the logs were spaced perfectly for lanky agile teens but too far apart, too tall and too unstable for our younger guests and so Theo and I began operation stabilise. We dug each one down to a stable base and trod the chippings back around, which I was much happier about.


 Toddler Friendly Stepping Logs



The triplets during this time had been at the village football match. I collected them with the usual crushing defeat from the away team but Guy was happy being crowned Man of the Match for saving one of their opponents nine goals!

 Guy as Man of the Match

When I told them about the stepping stones they were quick to give it a try. They added planks from the builder’s leftovers at Tree Roots cottage and made a course to race around.


Kids with initiative

Theo led the way on the stepping stones before the triplets added their planks and created their own timed races. Then their imaginations were away; Clio practiced her gymnastics using a plank as a beam replacement, they swivelled a plank on a beam to create a see saw and Guy made a catapult for his foot ball kit by jumping on one end of the beam and sending his kit flying high in the sky.


Watching children make their own entertainment from something so simple is always a delight.  There is imagination in every child, give them the opportunity to use it and you will be surprised what they come up with.


Joining in with Country Kids 

Country Kids is open to everyone. There is a new linky every Saturday which remains open till Thursday. It is all about leaving technology and sofas behind and finding a little time for some family fun outdoors. Everyone feels better for a breath of fresh air and the freedom offered from outdoor spaces. The linky is all about sharing that fun and being inspired by the activities of others. Whether it is a family day trip, a crafting activity, learning, exploring or playing please grab the badge and share your love of outdoor fun here on the linky. 

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