Surprise Farm Twins

Posted on April 7th, 2014

A Busy Changeover Saturday

Last week I was marvelling over our star of the farm Ebony, the little rejected lamb, who is now enjoying nights in our green house and days in the field with the other lambs or accompanying us on our farm jobs. She was out with Theo on his farm duties on Saturday, the only day where there is no tractor rides for the guests, since everyone is busy packing to leave and we are all deep in our changeover jobs.


Saturday jobs on the farm


Theo and Ebony were just passing the “naughty goat” field with Billy goat Gruff, Bully and Naughty when he spotted Naughty preoccupied in the field shelter. 


Twin kids a lovely morning surprise


Farmer Nick and I had suspected she might be pregnant as her usual slim body had swelled in the past month, but we have been fooled like this before with pigmy goats, feeding them up believing them to be pregnant only to discover they were simply developing little over fed fat goat waddles! This time it turns out we were correct and it puts to bed another fear, that our Billy goat of two years was a dud. We bought in our last goats already pregnant due to Billy failing to deliver any kids with our lovely nanny goats last year, so these twins are a double bonus! 


Billy Goat Gruff: Proud Father

Theo ran back to tell Farmer Nick who was on the glamourous job of changing all the general bins and recycling bins ready for the new guests. Sometimes rubbish just has to wait. I continued to check out the last guests then grabbed my camera to see what they were up to. I knew Nick would want to move them, baby pygmy goats are no larger than our adult rabbits and could easily be prey to a circling buzzard above. Nick’s Farm shed was the obvious answer but we had long since dismantled the old section we had for our January goats and then the new donkeys. They needed something fast to protect the kids and so that Nick could return to his rubbish collection before the new guests arrived. They agreed on a plan utilising the old stock trailer which Theo lined with straw and together they manoeuvred it into a clearing to one side of the shed.


Farm Trailer turns into Goat house


Theo commandeered some help from one of the guests staying for two weeks and together they brought some of the portable field corrals to make a safe “garden” area around the trailer while Nick used one of the logs we left behind from making stepping stones in the play area to jack up the front of the trailer. A bit of baler twine, every farmer’s essential fix it aid, and a little help from Jed, who had appeared to return fishing equipment, and the shelter was complete.


Farm Trailer Shelter in Farmer Nick's shed


Ebony thought it might be a cosy new bed for her!


Ebony carried away from the new goats


Meanwhile Nick brought an unwilling Naughty, who was as feisty as ever, while Theo carried her adorable twins over to their safe new home.

Goats on the move with Farmer Nick and Theo

A bucket of fresh water from the stream and some food and hay and they were ready for farmer Nick to dab a little iodine on their umbilical cords to keep them infection free. This gave me a chance to see that they were a boy and a girl.


Tending to the new Kid Goats & Mother


Ebony looked less impressed with the new arrivals, I’m not sure she is ready to share the farm limelight just yet!  


 Watching the goats

I took a quick peep later that night when all the guests were safely into their properties and was reassured to see both the twins feeding well from Mum.

Mummy Goat with Twins Feeding


They were of course the highlight of the morning tractor feed run, along with Ebony of course!


 Kid goats & Ebony are the stars of the morning Tractor farm ride