Coombe Mill Beauty in April

Posted on April 9th, 2014

A Splash of Colour on the Farm

Spring is such a happy time of year. We have baby animals born on the farm giving cuteness overload and delighting all our holiday makers, our farm stories are dominating the blog at the moment with a drama a week. It is easy with so much excitement to overlook the natural beauty of the farm itself at this time of year. Buds are springing into life at every turn, colours are vibrant and already the Camellia are turning and falling. The grass is greening up giving fresh nutrients for the animals in the meadows after a long winter of hay and Farmer Nick delights in the bills saved in animal feed as he zips around on his tractor mowing the formal garden spaces which are not munched into shape by the animals.  

The children have been off from dawn to dusk playing with newly found friends on the farm over the Easter Holidays and I found myself with an hour to spare. I grabbed my camera inspired by the photos from One Dad 3 Girls who is staying with us this week and wandered round the farm to capture some of the beauty. With time on my hands I was keen to dabble in manual mode on my camera. Despite having my DSLR nearly a year I have been hesitant to try manual after my early attempts were a poor replica of that which I could achieve in automatic mode. Furthermore, if I am following a farm story or the morning feed run, I rarely have the luxury of time to capture the moment and fall back on the safely and speed of automatic mode. Today something clicked with me *excuse the pun* and I am really chuffed with the close ups here. I really want a macro lens too to take things one step further, but for now I am sharing some photos I am proud of for How Does your Garden Grow, The Gallery & Savouring the Season 


Hyacinth in bloom at Coombe Mill


Spring Daffodil



Camillia just on the turn


 A lone Tulip

What a difference a day can make when the sun shines, I had to capture that lone tulip again:


Farm Tulip open & enjoying the sun & breeze 


Leaves of farm colour


Springing into life on the farm



A fusion of colour


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