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Posted on April 25th, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

For those lucky enough to be staying at Coombe Mill on Easter Sunday we had a treat in store. The Feed run set off as usual with Farmer Nick handing out Little helper hats and welcoming all the new guests aboard the tractor and trailer.


 Easter Sunday Feed Run

When the tractor draws up at the chickens there is a surprise waiting to be discovered. While hunting for eggs from the chickens and helping feed them, Farmer Nick has been there in advance and hidden enough chocolate eggs for every child. The children are a picture when they find them; I really think some of the younger guests may believe we have magic chickens that lay chocolate eggs! 

 Easter Sunday Eggs on the Feed Run

The children stored their eggs away in their pockets for when their hands were clean and continued the feed run meeting Ebony our bottle fed lamb and all the other animals finishing with the deer where we had to explain they could stand close but the deer were too shy to be stroked.

 goats, deer and lambs on the feed run

Back at the car park we agreed on half an hour to warm up and wash hands as it had turned very cold and was threatening to rain before returning for an Easter egg hunt. This gave Clio and I time to hide the eggs too. We used our three outdoor play areas hiding the eggs in varying levels of difficulty to accommodate an age range of around eighteen months to twelve years.


Easter egg & sweet feast

The older children watched patiently as I led the younger ones first into the toddler playground to hunt amongst the little house and ride on toys. For many this was their first ever Easter hunt and they were thrilled to find a shiny egg hiding in a car boot or perched on a pedal.

 Under 5's Egg Hunt

Finally the older children were given their clues. The excitement manifested itself in an inability to walk; instead they ran from place to place.  I held them back to enjoy the suspense as long as possible by withholding where they were heading until the last minute. This also gave the younger ones a chance to tag along too. Once in the know they ran full pelt towards the named play area hunting high and low, round all the play equipment until everyone had a stash to share.


Easter Hunt in the Far Play Area

From play area to play area we covered Coombe Mill leaving no swing unturned.


Easter Hunt at the play boat


The children ignored the rain that began to fall, they were warm as toast from dashing around and only the parents began to look chilly.

Rain on the Easter Egg Hunt

A very happy morning on the farm although I suspect a few appetites were lacking at lunch time, my own included!


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