It’s Official, I’m a Social Girl!

Posted on May 2nd, 2014

Shortlisted for Brilliance in Blogging! 

I would have written this post yesterday when I found out that I had made the short list for the Brit Mums amazing BiBs awards. However I overcooked my sticky toffee pudding sauce for my shop meals in my tweeting frenzy of excitement in the afternoon and then proceeded to drink too much wine in celebration in the evening! So with a day to reflect, and a clear head, I’m here to say

Whoopee, I’ve been shortlisted!

Social Media and Me

I attended my first ever Brit Mums last year where I was also a finalist in the Social Media category much to my surprise. I had no idea what to expect from the event or if anyone would want to talk to me. The weekend was quite exhausting in the best possible way, so many people I connect with on line spoke to me and really knew who I was and all about our farm holidays. The penny dropped, I was a Social Media finalist not because of my technical genius, or because I’m first onto every new social platform, because there are many out there who are far better at this than me. However I now realise that where I do succeed is in creating awareness online for Coombe Mill and all that it offers.

Coombe Mill Feed RunMy children playing in the lake at Coombe MillGuy Running the Coombe Mill Train

My Style

As a person I avoid confrontation, seek compromise am a bit of a workaholic with a positive approach to everything I do. I love my family to bits and our family holiday business is an extension of this. I began my blog and the social media that accompanies it as a way to share some of the more personal and interesting happenings on the farm without ever really appreciating what a business tool it could be in its own right, yet it is. This said, I rarely ‘direct sell’ Coombe Mill on line. I have a very subtle and friendly approach to sharing our farm and family news, reaching out to all who appreciate outdoor fun with my Country Kids linky and always being there for a friendly chat on any forum you choose and never pushing our holidays. This will never change, I value the parenting community I have come to feel a part of, what were virtual acquaintances have become friends as we meet here at Coombe Mill or at blogging events. My social media feels as though it has an echo effect all of its own thanks to so many friends here online. 

tractor and farm animals

But Shortlisting is only the Start

Sixteen in every category must become six. It would mean so much to me to be one of the six again this year. It is a tough category with many I respect in there so I realise I will need to pull a lot of votes to be in the final six on 23rd May.

Please take time to vote. There are some wonderful bloggers listed in every category who would love your support, as would I.  

Voting is open now until 16th May, just click on the badge here.

Thank you

Fiona x