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Posted on May 6th, 2014

Keeping Active

Everyone loves the idea of being fit and active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Here on the farm the fun starts early in the morning with feeding the animals and extends all day for parents running after busy fun loving children. We need to look after our bodies from the inside to stay healthy on the outside. A healthy balanced diet is always the best way to achieve this but sometimes we cheat on our intended diet and still expect our bodies to respond when we go chasing after the children!

 Keeping up with the children

Omega 3

The health benefits of taking Omega 3 have been well publicised in recent years. The so called “brain food” to help children to learn and adults to maintain a healthy heart and sense of well being. However not everyone has a taste for large quantities of oily fish where they are most commonly found and so a plethora of omega 3 supplements can be found on the market for those days when you just fancy pizza and chips! Finding one that is safe, affordable and high quality can be daunting. I have found myself squinting at the small print on bottles more than once trying to establish what I am paying for.

Nordic Oil

Nordic Oils are a modern Irish company with a straight forward website that makes things clear. They formed to provide a high grade of omega rich fish oil carefully sourced and turned into a consumable product range at a sensible price. All the products are third party tested and the dose, usage and suitability all clearly marked.

Here at Coombe Mill we are testing the High Grade Omega 3 Capsules with added vitamin D, something many of us are running low on thanks to the success of modern high factor sun creams reducing natural vitamin D from sunlight entering our bodies.


Nordic Oil supplementing a healthy breakfast at Coombe Mill


The oils are easy to take in the capsule form and leave no unpleasant aftertaste unlike products I have bought previously. I can’t say it has worked magic and turned me into a genius or made me as fit as my children but I can say it feels a small step in maintaining well being. They are suitable for children too although mine found the capsule too large to swallow. There is however a liquid format available for those capsule. The tablets are much smaller and easy to swallow.

If you feel your diet could do with an Omega 3 boost Nordic Oils currently have a great offer on their website to buy the High grade oil, capsules and tablets all for £39.99 reduced from the usual £46.97 including free delivery in the United Kingdom 


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I was sent the Omega 3 capsules and Vitamin D tablets for the purpose of this review. The information here can be found on the Nordic Oil website, the opinions expressed are my own.