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Posted on May 9th, 2014

An Epic Birthday Party 

After last week’s aborted birthday party this week was hotly awaited. Within minutes of finishing the morning feed fun excited classmates began to arrive. Each child came armed with spare clothes and a water pistol; the triplet’s parties are becoming legendary! Having said this I removed every single water gun promising they could all have them for a water fight at the end but that I wasn’t going to have 3 hours of soaking wet children; with water guns confiscated they piled onto the trampoline.


 Triplets Birthday on the trampoline

Excitement was running high and I felt it was best to channel that energy into the first game. My older three children all hid three sets of pre prepared clues for a treasure hunt. Team Guy, Jed and Clio eagerly accepted their starting sheet and raced off to the first place. It was all I could do to keep up and advise them along the way as they dashed from one end of the farm to the other. I deliberately set the clues apart to keep them running and busy.

Triplets Birthday Party Treasure Hunt


There was seconds between them when they came back and that certainly took the edge of their energy levels!


Triplets Birthday time out

Next up the highly successful game from last year; everyone has played Pinata, but make your own girls vs boys recycled Pinata is amazing fun, ecological and cheap as chips! Each Team had a ready prepared milk bottle filled with sweets attached to a string, a pile of recycling and a real of sellotape. They then had ten minutes to make the biggest most indestructible Pinata they could. The shouting through their team work reached fever pitch as they taped and wrapped to a countdown finish.

Triplets Party Pinata making

Then I was grateful of the help of my teens in rigging them up to the veranda while the party members searched the farm for suitable sticks. The aim was for the girls to beat their way into the boys Pinata before the boys beat their way into the girls one; huge excitement bringing out the competitiveness in all.  


Triplets Party Pinata Fun


Thankfully I had a couple of Mummy friends who stayed to help me police it all and lay out the party lunch, thank you Fiona and Mandy, after all the running around everyone was hungry.


Triplets Birthday Party Lunch


Next up Farmer Nick’s inspiration; down on the train lawn he set up two tractors both attached to a long rope. We mixed and matched the teams to race the tractors to the finishing post. It did remind me of something out of the old Iron Man TV series, but so perfect for our farm kids!


 Tractor Pulling Challenge

I had one more game up my sleeve before I let them loose on their water guns. This was a game I remembered from my own childhood but which must have become forgotten over time as one of the children had played it before. It involves trying to eat a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork in silly clothes when you roll the dice to a six. However if someone else gets a six they take the clothes and knife and fork from you; frantic fun in the afternoon sun on a picnic blanket.


Triplets Party with Chocolate Game


Finally we sang happy birthday and there followed a huge roar of “yessss” as I said they could go wild with the water guns.


 Triplets 10th Birthday Cake

Of course they were wet in seconds but at least I had held off the moment until their parents were due to take them home!


 Triplets Party Water Fight

Apparently this was their best ever birthday party and well worth waiting for. It was certainly helped having the space and fun of the farm as a base. I was pleased I remembered to warn our guests it would be happening as the noise levels during the games would have been quite a disturbance.



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