Choo Choo Little Train

Posted on May 14th, 2014

Anyone with toddler boys upwards will know the fascination with all things train and tractor related. Here on the Farm we have that covered with our afternoon Train rides. It has only been up and running for a year and there are still so many plans to make it even more fun and entertaining for little ones here on holiday. Guy our resident driver takes his job very seriously and always has a smile and a warm welcome for everyone each afternoon. 


Train fun at Coombe Mill

All our latest properties and refits are being made with specific playrooms or dens. These we fill with toys for our guests and parents tell us it is much appreciated giving them a little freedom each day whilst packing to go out or make the supper. Our latest cottage called Tree Roots will be rented this month and has a super new play room with a very special train.


Tree Roots Cottage Play Room

Knowing how popular the farm train ride was I knew a train set would be important. I discovered Bigjigs Toys through Twitter and saw that they made delightful wooden train sets including original carriage letters. They kindly offered to send me this lovely unique Coombe Mill train which I love. Each letter is a separate quality wooden carriage that can be arranged in any order. At just £2.29 per carriage it makes a great bespoke present and an affordable treat. 


 Bigjigs Toy Train set at Coombe Mill

Clio was quick to realise it would make her name too!


Clio with a Clio Train

I am thrilled to have this as part of the play room for Tree Roots Cottage and can’t recommend a peep at the Bigjigs web site highly enough. Letters are just the start of what they offer. There is a whole magical world of train fun there from table sets to accessories that can be added to extend any set. The pieces are a good quality that will last for hours of play and still be in good condition to pass on to siblings in years to come and the prices are very reasonable. there is even free delivery on orders over £50. We are very excited to have our set here at Coombe Mill and I am already scouring the Bigjigs website for some new track to accompany it. 


I was sent my Coombe Mill Train as a gift. I was not required to write this review I just wanted to share a product I really like.