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Posted on May 17th, 2014

Bluebell Woods

Some afternoons are just meant to be perfect. This was one of them. We have the most wonderful woods just over the style from our deer field. It is a regular retreat for my kids and I love to join then when I can. This time of year is my absolute favourite as it is a carpet of bluebells. I have been watching so many wonderful bluebell posts over the past few weeks on Country Kids, like this one last week from Karen at Would Like to be a Yummy Mummy, and waiting patiently for ours to bloom. Finally they did and the kids had a great idea. Following the amazing fun with water guns round our house at their birthday part, they suggested we take them into the woods for a hide and seek style water fight amidst the trees and bluebells. I worried that it would all be over in minutes without an outside tap to refill their weapons, however Guy sensibly pointed out that the woods back onto our river and they could just fill up there. There was no arguing with that one so we set off purposely across the farm.


Trekking across the farm

I never tire of the beautiful sight of the bluebells and spring green growth in the woods at this time of year.


Bluebell woods in May


The children were much less interested in the beauty of their surroundings, which they take totally for granted, and impatiently asked me for a countdown to race off and hide. 

Let battle commence!

Round trees they hid then dashing for cover in a natural dip or simply lying low in the bluebells. There were shrieks of shock and surprise when they were hit by a water gun. This was such a perfect natural playground to host their game.


 Hiding in Bluebell Woods

A truce was called as they refuelled down by the river.

River refils for the Water Guns

Then it was back into full scale attack mode.

 Water Fight Fun in the Bluebells


Clio hid in a den they made earlier in the week, however it proved to be no cover against the might of the boys water guns!


Den Building in Bluebell Woods


Up a tree riding her imaginary horse she had her own back on them as they ran by below not noticing her there!


Clio riding a wooden horse


Finally Jed was shivering in his t shirt and wandered back while Clio, Guy and me stayed for a bit of fun on the rope swing.

Swinging on a forest rope swing  

Even the poor old Peacock was squirted off his perch on the way back by Guy while Clio wrote her name on the bridge & skipped off to have a quick twirl on our swing rope.


Water Gun fun all the way home


A simple afternoon enjoying what we have right here on and around the farm, but one we all enjoyed. 

If you have a wood near you check out to see if it has bluebells at the moment or better still look on the Forestry Commission site for one with a Gruffalo hiding celebrating 15 years of the famous Julia Donaldson book. Liz from Me and My Shadow and Vanessa from HPMcQ went to see them being made. They will be out in selected forests for you to find from now till September and look well worth a visit for an exciting adventure for anyone with young children.

My woodland kids arrived back at the house to find our new hot tub from Ruggles Leisure was up to temperature. In no time they were showered and their swimwear to soak their aching limbs. The tub was such a novelty they returned after dinner just for the fun of a night dip under the magical coloured pool lights. If the guests staying in Tree Roots this week enjoy it half as much as my children they will have an awesome holiday. 


Hot Tub at Coombe Mill in May


 Highlights from our day 

Joining in with Country Kids

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