Loved By Parents Awards

Posted on May 29th, 2014


The much awaited Loved by Parents shortlist for the 2014 awards is out. These awards cover an enormous range of products and services from all over the world that are rated by parents. The judges have spent weeks pouring over the hundreds and hundreds of entries and I am thrilled to be one of those shortlisted in two categories with in the Special Awards section.

1. Best Family Friendly Accommodation as Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

2. Best Family Travel Destination as Coombe Mill North Cornwall.

The winner will be the the one pulling the most votes between now and 29th June. Last year I managed to win the Gold in both categories, no pressure then! I am totally dependant on those who have visited us, heard about us and wanting to visit us to put that vote in. Please please do so, it only takes a minute and would really make my day.

If you click on the the form you will be asked to enter your name and email.

You then have 3 votes each asking:

1. Category e.g. Special Awards

2. The Category Name for This Entry e.g. Best Family Friendly Accommodation

3. Name of the Company you would like to vote for e.g. Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

If I use up two of your votes realise that only leaves you with one more, I know it is a big ask when there are so many categories and companies, but if you feel you can vote I would be ever so grateful. This year more than ever, Nick, myself and the children have invested so much time, love and money in Coombe Mill and winning would mean the world to us all. 


This is the link to the form please just click here

Coombe Mill shortlisted with Loved by Parents

Thank You

Fiona, Nick, and the children