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Posted on June 6th, 2014

Coombe Mill Kids Activity Hour

I’ve noticed that Friday afternoon tends to be the time when many of our holidaymakers are here on site. It is the last afternoon of the holiday and understandably many want to relax and enjoy the grounds here with a long journey home the following morning. I’ve had in mind for ages now to start an activities hour for the children during the week. Friday afternoon felt like the perfect time with so many around anyway. Half term was really busy for us with a range of children from age three to eleven all popping their names down to join in the Activity hour. We knew this was going to be a good test of the idea. 

For our first week we decided on a nature walk around the farm to collect flowers, leaves, feathers and a good stick to bring
back to our garden and engage in wand making. I was rather nervous of how this would go down with the older boys but decided to give it a go; they could always drop out if they found it too tame for them. We set the garden table up in advance.

Preparations for Activity Hour


Having explained what we were doing to the children it was eyes down looking and collecting as we set off over the footbridge to the farm

Hunting for farm sticks & decorations

There was an abundance of colourful flowers and feathers to find

Flowers on the farm

The boys found some awesome bamboo sticks around farmer Nick’s compost heap


Sticks in Farmer Nick's Compost heap



Back in my garden the children were inspired by the table set up with all sorts of accessories to turn their nature finds into fairy and wizards wands and eagerly begin to work with their imaginations now racing. Even the boys were hooked much to my surprise and delight.


 creative making wands

One imaginative young boy took his time explaining to me how each prong on his wand and feather represented a special power from fire to water.

wand with magic powers

The girls focussed on making theirs pretty with time and concentration.

wands made with care

They discovered they made great tickling sticks and weapons with some design challenges.

Bespoke wand designs & creative uses 


The hour of course ran over and all too soon they were dashing off with wands in hand for the afternoon train ride.



Based on the success of this first session I am encouraged to keep it going through the summer. I have so many ideas of things to do thanks in large part to all the wonderful inspiration right here on Country Kids each week so please keep them coming.

Joining in with Country Kids 

Every week I am amazed by the photos, stories and fun had outdoors. From holidays to garden toys, forests to beaches there is so much for children to do outside. Country Kids is open to anyone wanting to share their outdoor fun from play, learning, crafts or an adventure and generally enjoying some fresh air and time away from screens and sofas. Remember to check out the other posts here, it is a great way to find new ideas.  

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