A Frock for Brit Mums

Posted on June 15th, 2014

It isn’t every day I come away from the farm and when I do I like to be able to dress up and leave the work gear behind. A trip to London certainly deserves a new outfit, and to Brit Mums no less. However I am not a good shopper, rarely make time to visit a town or city and when I do it tends to be with Clio to try on the entire contents of the tween section of New Look!

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for shopping I am a hoarder and have accumulated a dress or two over the years, I just fancied the confidence boost of attending a large event in something new. My chance to shop came at The Royal Cornwall Show. I enjoyed an adult day before taking the kids and headed straight for my favourite place, the Cornwall Hospice Charity tent. My mission was to find an outfit to match my much loved Mia Tui Bag which doubles up as a practical and stylish holder for my DSLR.

The Hospice tent came up trumps and I emerged armed with three lovely dresses at £5 each and a wrap for £2.50. I felt I had myself a bargain and set about enjoying the rest of the day.


Dresses from the Royal Cornwall show for Brit Mums Live


Back at home my aspiring writer, editor, photographer and model decided she wanted to take some photos of me in my possible outfits; knowing there was a Brit Mums linky on the go I obliged. 


Brit Mums Live '14 Outfit options

I hadn’t realised quite how much I would be bossed around and asked to twirl this way and that, so apologies if the pictures and video look a tad over the top but we had a giggle making it together and some quality girl time. Clio is the real star of the video with her commentary and cartwheel.




I will probably travel with all three outfits and dither on the morning without a little advice so please do help me decide.

Over the two days at Brit Mums I really want to meet so many with whom I chat online so please say hello if you spot me there. Last year it was only travelling home that I realised how many friends I had missed; I’m determined to do better this year. To make things even easier I will wear a Coombe Mill logo on my dress and support a kid’s farm hat or two round my bag if not on my head.


Coombe Mill Farm Hat and Logo


I did briefly consider just dressing up as a farm animal which felt like a fun idea a month or so ago, however now the time has come I have lost the nerve for that one; there is always next year!

I’m linking this post to the Brit Mums what are you wearing linky and Magpie Monday with Liz at Me and My Shadow for the bargains I found. Also joining Jamie for Magic Moments and Charly for What’s the Story. Lick on the links to find out more from other bloggers.

See you on Friday!

Fiona x