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Posted on July 4th, 2014

Time with my big kids

A very different Country Kids from me this week. Ally, our eldest child has just finished his GCSE’s and we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. Ever since our honeymoon in 1995 we have been returning to our favourite hotel in Devon and dreaming that one day we might take our children when they were old enough to appreciate all that is on offer. This felt like the perfect time and we gave Ally a free choice of who to take with him. We fully expected him to choose a school friend but in fact he chose his brother Felix which both surprised and delighted us. Neither of the boys have ever been to a smart hotel before and had no idea what to expect. The innocence of their reaction to everything was both endearing and funny to Nick and me from the disbelief of not being allowed in the restaurant without a jacket to the novelty of an outdoor pool with heated water. As parents it was truly special to share our memories of nineteen years with our boys.

The sports facilities at the hotel were something we knew the boys would love. They both showed promise in golf and were easily a match for me if not Nick. I am always too preoccupied with the stunning views out to sea and not my golf swing and revelling in the competitive banter we shared throughout!


Golf at Thurlestone

We were there for the last of the glorious June heat wave and the outdoor pool was most welcome. With heated water jumping in was a pleasure. The boys challenged us to numerous swimming races which they won hands down. 


 Outdoor Pool At Thurlestone

Watching the boys dressed up in their jackets and enjoying a shandy before dinner was a real highlight for Nick and I, we felt so proud of them both and despite finding dressing for dinner a strange concept they both admitted after that they enjoyed the “theatre” of the occasion as they called it and the interesting mix of meals they tried which forced them away from the traditional steaks and burgers at the local pub and my family meal repertoire.


 Dressed for Dinner on holiday


Living in a valley at Coombe Mill we benefit from a beautiful mild micro climate but do lose the sun early in the evening and miss it setting. Here we had the beach just yards away and with the long light evenings and clear skies I was keen to enjoy an after dinner beach walk. The boys and I ended up with our shoes off and paddling out as the light fell away. To me this was a magical moment to share and even the water felt warm.

Sunset at Thurlestone Beach




Sunset at Thurlestone Beach

We played hours of badminton and squash together and after dinner snooker. My legs and arms ached for my efforts but it was all so worth it. I’d like to think this will become a tradition now for all the children when they finish their exams. It was a great way to spend time with just the two of them, a perfect opportunity to put their best table manners to the test and for them to experience something totally different to life on the farm for a couple of nights.

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