Outdoors at The Gallery

Posted on July 9th, 2014

The Theme on the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers this week is The Outdoors.

How could I miss this? Every week I post about having fun outdoors with my Country Kids linky. The outdoors is a passion of mine, not only is it the essence of our farm lifestyle at Coombe Mill, but it is what we all enjoy as a family and what those who visit us come here for. Fresh air is good for the soul and makes me feel healthier and happier at any time of the year which in turn makes me a better parent. All the children will agree that I am a grumpy mummy if I have been in the office all day and equally a day of indoor play at school from wet weather leaves my children with far too much pent up energy such that they will come home and bounce on the trampoline in the pouring rain with my blessing. Thankfully we are having an amazing summer this year here in Cornwall with plenty of sunshine. Here are just a few of our everyday highlights of outdoor life taken largely on my phone this week on and around the farm.


Coombe Mill Animal Feed Run in July

Talking to the guests on our feed run each morning is a joy and watching the children interact with the animals. It is always interesting to see what appeals to them, the questions they ask and the imaginative things they find to do along the way.


 Bunny Grooming


I’ve been playing on my phone apps while I’ve been outside and found some fun effects. Farmer Nick is less certain of the merits of being captured in a giant bubble!


Bubble magic on Farmer Nick


 Our play areas and train rides are always a popular throughout the day or to return to after a day out exploring Cornwall.


 Playtime at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


And for those who enjoy fishing or an evening walk the scenery around Coombe Mill is stunning. 


Carp Lake at Coombe Mill


This doesn’t leave much time for getting out and about for us as a family but we always do something fun together on a Sunday, then every Tuesday after school Farmer Nick runs the train and I take the children to the beach for surf club. We all adore the beach and look forward to this time with fun in the waves for the kids while I either join them or jog the coast path as I did this week. It always takes me longer than it ought as I find the views spectacular and can’t help myself from stopping to catch my breath and take photos. The coastline is so stunning that even a phone snap is beautiful.


 Along the coast path in North Cornwall

Picture post card perfect in fact!


From Polzeath around the coast path


I wouldn’t swap my outdoor lifestyle for the world, just don’t ask me to sleep outdoors at night, the thought of the biting insects and 4am light streaming through a tent puts me off, I do appreciate my super king size bed and a good night’s sleep then I am ready to enjoy the outdoors again. Incidentally five of our properties now boast super king beds too so if a big bed and a good nights sleep help your outdoor fun too do please look us up.

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