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Posted on August 8th, 2014

Gone Fishing

The farm has been buzzing in recent weeks with all our properties filled for the summer season and lots of eager faces both new and returning here to enjoy the magic of the farm. Along with a burst of summer growth around the farm our lakes are looking stunning an teaming with fish and wildlife. 


 Carp Lake in the evening sun

I decided this would make the focus of our activity hour a couple of weeks ago and set about a whole fishy theme. First of all we collected some sticks with a slight bend in them. This wasn’t as hard as it sounds as nature caters well for less than perfectly straight sticks and this was just what we needed to make our fish. After securing the ends the children had fun weaving ribbons through them and drawing an eye to make them their own.


Making sticks into fish

I love how the children learn from what each other are doing and I’m always grateful for the help of Farmer Kym, Amber our Apprentice at Coombe Mill and the parents who bring the children to help with the fiddly bits since these sessions can be busy and everyone tends to need help at the same time!


 A helping hand from grownups with crafts

With our fish complete the children wrote and drew messages to attach to their fish or weave into their bodies, this was left to them to design and some were to the fairies and others about the time they had spent over the week on the farm. They were all very touching.


Adding fairy messages to stick fish

Next up a trip to the fairy garden where we hung our fish from the branches. They looked lovely spinning in the breeze.


Fish in the fairy garden


I wanted to extend the fishing idea and bring us back to the real world so we took some fishing nets, buckets and worksheets I had prepared over to the far lake to see what we could find.


Pond dipping worksheets


The older children clambered down the back and swished their nets far and wide while the grownups kept a careful hold on the younger children so they could have a go. Farmer Nick’s winter jobs list might just include building an easy pond dipping platform for little ones as I rather fancy revisiting this activity when the frogspawn are around in spring. It wasn’t long before we were ticking carp, damselflies, and pond skaters off our tick sheets and overrunning the hour.


Pond dipping on the Coombe Mill lake


Our fun afternoon from crafting through to the evening train ride on video



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