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Posted on August 14th, 2014

Girl talk magazine review 2014 

By Clio Cambouropoulos

This is an honest review on Girl Talk Magazine; I decided to write a review on the magazine because I enjoy reading all about the latest celebrity goss, (Mum wanted to make this gossip but I had to tell her that’s just not cool). I also wanted to share my opinion on the magazine because I love it so much.

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Why I like Reading the Magazines 

I like reading the magazines because they have fun quizzes, super helpful tips on fashion or even School homework, awesome celeb facts (Mum that’s celebrity to you), epic knowledge about world sport games, lots of facts about sporting stars, cool craft ideas for you to have a go at and amazing comics. There is usually a great giveaway with the magazine which I always use. So far I have received smelly lip balms and funky nail polish. I also like to read them simply because they take me away from life on the farm for a while and make me smile and aspire to what I may do when I am older.


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Why I think it is good to read Girl talk magazines

I think reading Girl Talk is a great way to get young kids like myself to start reading, you might not be reading a book but you are still reading, and the main thing that really makes me want to read is if I enjoy what I am reading and I truly do love reading the magazines. Like I said in my last post about Girl Talk it is perfect for inspiring ambitions you hope to achieve. I think Girl Talk Magazine can really motivate you beyond becoming a singer or an actress because as long as you work hard at it you can become anything you want. I still want to be a writer but I also love to read about celebrities in my spare time.


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I would definitely say that Girl Talk Magazine is THE BEST and gets a thumbs up from me.


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Other Magazines you might enjoy

There are plenty more magazines out there, not just ones for my age group but younger children too. They can be expensive to buy but Mum has told me about a new website called where you can order back issues of popular magazines like CBeebies Art, Bob the Builder, Peter Rabbit and Top of the Pops to name just a few.  Here you can buy the recent past copies at greatly reduced prices. Mum has ordered some Girl Talk Art and Top of the Pops for me and Mega Magazine for my brothers as they are less keen on reading and she hopes this will encourage them. I hope you will take a look and have as much pleasure from reading magazines as I do.


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Mum received £10 of vouchers for Kids store Magazine for me to mention it here, however the content is all my own and I would have written about my love of Girl Talk Magazine anyway without the voucher. The kind people at Girl talk are extending my subscription for me by 4 months for which I am really grateful.