How to Build Natural Mini Rafts

Posted on September 7th, 2014

Coombe Mill ‘How to make’ Series

How to Make Crafts for Children from Coombe Mill

Every Friday afternoon we run an activity craft hour on the farm for the children staying here with us on holiday. The fun from these sessions I often share on my Saturday Country Kids linky in-between our own family adventures, but as these sessions build I am creating a post focusing simply on instructions to make the ideas we use. You can find more crafts in the series under the Farm Crafts Category. This week’s craft is inspired from an activity back in 2013 on the farm which was such a success we repeated it with the same group of guests a year on for Activity Hour.  There is also a lovely post from The Boy and Me covering making these rafts from our original race last year.

How to Make A Natural Mini Raft 

For all the fun of raft building and sailing in action here at Coombe Mill please see my Country Kids post from this year and last year


How to Make a Natural Mini Raft perfect for sailing on a river pond or lake


What you will need

  • Three or more sticks of a similar length
  • Long grass or reed with some give in it for bending and binding
  • feather or leaves


Things to Make a Natural Mini Raft


  1. Lay the sticks out in a triangle shape overlapping at the edges
  2. Take a strand of reed or thick long grass and bind the corner of your triangle by weaving the reed in and out of the stick ends.
  3. Lay a 4th stick across the centre of your triangle with the end again overlapping the edge of the triangle and bind into place with reed
  4. Add a Feather or stick with a leaf at the top and middle of the raft binding into place with reed. Allow the end of the stick or feather to hang below the triangle shape of the raft, this will help with securing it and give weight to your raft to help it float the right way up.
  5. Float your raft


Steps to make a natural mini raft


A few fun additions you might like

  • Go colourful and add a flower with a thick stem instead of a stick or feather
  • Weave a leaf onto the stick and add a personalised message in felt tip pen or paint
  • Make a few rafts and race them in a river as we did at Coombe Mill
  • Try the activity in different seasons and create a raft for every season noticing now nature changes the colours and textures at different times of the year.


Embellishing natural mini rafts


Go have some fun, it’s all natural so if they float away downstream it doesn’t matter! This activity is such fun here on the farm. All the children are quite competitive cheering on their homemade raft on its journey downstream along the river Camel. It is a joy to be a part of their excitement. 

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