A Night at the MAD Blog Awards

Posted on September 22nd, 2014

I can’t help but smile to myself as I type reflecting on a night to remember at The Mums and Dads Blogging Awards (MADS) 2014. It is such an honour to attend the awards evening as a finalist and I had the best time from before it even started to long after it should have ended thanks to some great organisation by Sally Whittle and her team. Sally’s dry wit charmed the lovely Dr Ranj into returning to present for the evening. I didn’t win in my Family Fun category, that pleasure was for the delightful Family Days Tried and Tested and huge congratulations to them but I did have a brilliant evening that I wouldn’t have missed for the world. 


The Mad Blog Awards 2014


So what made it such an amazing night for me?

Everyone there of course combined with my own state of mind. I am lucky enough to have been a finalist for 3 consecutive years and each year I have lost more inhibition, shed the nerves and learned to go all out to have a great evening in good company. So many long standing blogging friends rightly there for years of consistently high quality blogs, newer bloggers I’ve only chatted to on line who I was thrilled to finally meet, and even those I chatted too without even realising who they were (how could I My Mummy Pennies!)  There were many heartfelt hugs shared, glasses clinked and the silly and light hearted moments perfectly complimented the serious and emotional times throughout the night. 


A few MAD moments


 Catching up with friends at the MADS


The Mad Blog Awards Serious Moments


 Oh what a night

Thank You

First and foremost my wonderful husband Farmer Nick who drove. We had a lovely time together in town on Friday, me admiring all the high street fashion and Nick looking wistfully at the cars.  We even found a patch of home here in Kensington!


Country Bumpkins in London


Parentdish and all the supporting category sponsors make it possible for Sally and the MADS Team to host the night at the swanky Royal Gardens Hotel. I hope they all enjoyed the evening too. I’ve already talked my category sponsor, the marketing director at Pokémon about a holiday at Coombe Mill with his two year old, always the penalty of ending up on a table with me! 


Dinner at The Mad Blog Awards

Hair and makeup by the Powder Puff Girls was such a treat. They worked nonstop all afternoon and evening and as I sat and waited my turn I was amazed by the wonderful hair styles coming out, each unique. Being last I was the cheeky one who nipped into the reception for a chat and glass of fizz before returning for my turn. Thank you ladies for hanging on to fit me in at the end, you are all true artists.


 Hair do and Make Up at The MADS thanks to the Power Puff Girls


We didn’t even leave empty handed thanks to a lovely goodie bag to take home. Thank you to all the brands who contributed to this, if your product is missing in the photo it is because my children dived straight in in appreciation!

Goodie bag from the Mad Blog Awards 2014

Last but most important, a massive THANK YOU to the wider blogging community, friends and family who voted for me and made my part in the evening possible. Thank you for following our farm adventures and leaving kind comments on my blog, for supporting my passion for the freedom of the outdoors for children with my Country Kids linky and for late night chats on twitter and liking endless farm fun from Cornwall on Instagram and Facebook.

You make my blogging world rock and put Coombe Mill on the map.



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