Three easy to make crowns

Posted on September 28th, 2014

Coombe Mill ‘How to make’ Series

How to Make Crafts for Children from Coombe Mill

Every Friday afternoon we run an activity craft hour on the farm for the children staying here with us on holiday. The fun from these sessions I often share on my Saturday Country Kids linky in-between our own family adventures, but as these sessions build I am creating a post focusing simply on instructions to make the ideas we use. You can find more crafts in the series under the Farm Crafts Category. Farmer Kym had the idea for this craft following a festival she went to earlier in the year.   

Fairy Crowns

What you’ll need

  • Long strands of ivy
  • Flower heads with a bit of stem (to make them easier to attach).


What You'll Need Fairy Crowns


  1. Gather about 3 or 4 long strands of ivy together.
  2. Measure the head of whoever’s headdress it is and create a circle in the ivy.
  3. Feed the long ends through the the centre of the loop and back down.
  4. keep twisting the ends of the ivy in and around the ivy circle until a small amount is left.
  5. Tuck the ends of the ivy into the circle to stop them from being in the way. 
  6. Weave the stems from the flowers into the ivy circle and decorate into your perfect fairy crown.


Step by Step Fairy Crowns


A few fun additions you could try out:-

  • Turn gathering what you need into a scavenger hunt
  • Florist ribbon can be added for extra colour and twirl 
  • Organise some imaginative fairy role play that with your crown.


Fairy Crowns

Royal Crowns

If you couldn’t find the ivy you needed for the Fairy Crowns you could always give these a go, great way to stay natural and also recycle

What you’ll need:-

  • Old cereal boxes or cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Feathers
  • Flowers
  • Leaves

What you'll need Royal Crown


  1. Design the outline of the crown on the cardboard and cut out the design.
  2. Measure the crown around the child’s head and mark it to show where they can decorate (so that none of their designs are covered up)
  3. Have the child decorate the crown by attaching their flowers, leaves, ribbon, and feathers.
  4. Staple the cardboard in a ring to make it into the crown.

Royal Crown Method

A few fun additions you could try out:-

  • If you had more time than us you could use PVA instead of staples.
  • If you don’t have time for PVA but don’t like the idea of staples you could always used sticky tape. 
  • Let the kids decide how they want the band of their crown to look.
  • Give them colouring pens/pencils and let them colour in as well as attach natural items.

Royal Crowns


Native American Headdress

On a miserable wet day when the outdoors is less appealing why not give these a go using all recycled materials.

What you’ll need:-

  • Old Newspaper
  • Old postcards, thick magazines or old cereal box’s cut into ovals about the length of a feather.
  • Stapler
  • Scissors


What You'll Need Native American Headdress


  1. Fold down the newspaper down so that it’s a band about 2 inches thick.
  2. Measure around the head of whoever’s having the headdress
  3. Staple the strip at that measurement
  4. Fold the oval shaped card in half and cut triangle chunks out of it
  5. Unfold for a paper feather.
  6. Staple to the headdress as and how you like.
  7. Repeat until the headdress is complete


Step by Step Native American Headdress

A few fun additions you could try out:-

  • Again, PVA could be used instead of staples
  • If you only have plain card to use for the feather they could always be coloured in with pens and pencils.
  • You could make different shapes with the folded over card for different designs
  • Try cutting along the folded edge to make different patterns inside the headdress. 






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