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Posted on October 3rd, 2014

Beach Fun

The September weather here in Cornwall has been simply amazing. We have enjoyed day after day of sunshine to the delight of our holiday guests and making being outdoors a pleasure.  Our car park has been deserted in the middle of the day as everyone enjoys Cornwall’s beaches and harbour towns returning for the evening train rides and we have been no exception.

I love the beach at any time of year but right now the water is really warm and the coast paths dry and safe underfoot for running and walking. We have been managing to go twice a week, once with Surf’s Up for the children’s surf lesson and on a Sunday for some free play.

My children are now at an age where they know where our “base camp” is and have learned water safely over many years of growing up here in Cornwall and I can trust them on their own. They know to only swim or surf in the lifeguarded areas between the appropriate flags, to watch out for the tide coming in and not to hassle me for beach ice creams, which cost a fortune for six! This gives them and me considerable freedom and we all love to pop down for a few hours leaving Farmer Nick some peace and quiet on the farm.  


Be Beach wise & stay safe

Some of our favourite things:

Surfing for those who can though for me it is mainly body boarding. I do spend much of my time worrying for the older boys who disappear ‘out back’ to catch the unbroken waves. Often I don’t see them for an hour at a time and have to trust their knowledge of the sea and the tides. 


Born to surf enjoying cornwall's beaches

Running from the incoming tide.

This was Jed last week chancing his luck over the rocks against the incoming tide whist waiting for the rest of us to change.

 Running from the tide at New Polzeath

Castle and boat building. this is always best against an incoming tide where they defend their fort to the dying wave.


Building at the beach


Beach gymnastics

Clio is my gymnastics queen and will practice anywhere from the lawn to the beach


Clio the gymnast at Polzeath beach 

Cliff walks and runs.

It is these times I find my teens open up to me and chat freely about the things going on in their lives, their hopes and aspirations and where they are open to a little parental guidance too.   We have stumbled over some interesting sights from poignant signs of lives lost to an artist in residence at the beach all of which create some grownup discussion and learning in the great outdoors.  

 Coast runs with teens North Cornwall

I hope we will keep up our trips to the beach in winter. It is under half an hour for us but with the shorter days, cooler temperatures and school commitments it does become harder. With our wonderful memories of September I’m going to make a real effort this winter.



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