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Posted on October 10th, 2014

Entering the magical world of fairies and goblins

Activity hour here on the farm goes from strength to strength. Each week we wait to see the age range of the children signing up before agreeing on an activity to suit all their needs.  The one to three year olds this past few weeks have really made us put our thinking caps on for enough stimulating and engaging ideas for them. We had been doing up to 5 different crafts as their attention span is so much less than the older children, however this week I decided on a change. I thought we would try linking the activities together with a theme so their understanding could evolve from one task to the next. Our theme was Discovery and Sensory learning in the world of fairies and goblins. 

 Sensory learning with fantasy fairies and goblins


The dressing up box is always a good way to get imaginations running with children. They chose their own outfits with Mums and Dads helping them dress.

We explained that our little folk were asking for some more food in their garden and that we were all going to help them from the things we found around the farm and here in my garden. Handing out sensory sheets we invited the children to collect the herbs on the list explaining that they were all things their Mums and Dad’s used to flavour their food and could be found in and around our green house.


Sensory learning exercise with herbs for early years

Folding over the sensory sheet we rolled and rubbed to release the fragrance.


Making scented paper from nature sensory exercise for early years children

Then we explained that while we added our herbs to meat and vegetable for cooking our fairy folk used them differently. Our fun fairy food scavenger hunt sheet is full of things to collect for the perfect fairy dinner, including herbs we had just been investigating.


Fairy Food Sensory Walk Worksheet

Each child chose a brightly coloured dinner pot to fill with their ingredients and we set off exploring to find them.   


 Fairy Food Hunt at Coombe Mill


They all did really well with finding all the ingredients on their fairy food list and carried them carefully into the gardens. I had arranged some tree stumps in a circle and we all took a seat to enjoy a delightful Fairy story I found in our reception; the children still clutching their fairy dinners.


Fairy storytime


Then it was on to the serious task of scattering fairy food and seeing if we could spot any of the little folk along the way.


 Scattering fairy food in the fairy gardens


We didn’t see a fairy but we did see plenty of their handiwork around the gardens!

It was a lovely afternoon in the fresh air full of imagination, fun and a little learning too with collecting and identifying our fairy food ingredients.



If you fancy trying out these activities in your garden or at the park here are printables of the activity sheets we created.

Sensory Leaf Activity and Fairy Food Sensory Scavenger Hunt 


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