A helping hand in the kitchen

Posted on October 17th, 2014

We all know the difficulties that come from day to day life and accept anything that would help to make the day a little easier. With 8 people in the house, 5 of which teen and tween boys, we have a lot of dishes to be washed up daily and I couldn’t live without my dishwashers, yes I actually have 2 in my kitchen.  They are always in use and constantly full of plates with egg yolk, chocolate spread and sauce all over them. So when Servis, a well-known household brand contacted me asking if I wanted to review one of their new ranges of dishwashers as the start of a business partnership I jumped at the opportunity.

My double dishwasher kitchen

Since 1929 Servis has been providing homes with the everyday essentials that make life that little bit easier and I’m sure many of us can remember our parents or grandparents having one in our homes. Servis was re-launched in the UK in 2012 with new ranges in washing machines, washer dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and cookers. All of their new ranges of appliances have a modern look which would fit in any kitchen as well as a few added extras that makes Servis stand out in kitchen appliances.

The dishwasher that I will be reviewing is the DN61039 and is available in stainless steel or white. It has a great energy rating at A+++ and boasts a low noise level which is always helpful against the backdrop of family mealtime chatter since the kitchen is the hub of our house. It has an impressive 10 programmes available to choose from including an Eco 500 and a Quick 30 minute 40o with both cleaning and drying performance rated A. The dishwashers other features include handy little things such as a child lock option which would be useful for those little fingers that like to fiddle, foldable racks on both the top and the bottom baskets allowing total flexibility and a pause option if you realise that you need something that you’ve put in the dishwasher halfway through a wash. 


Servis then and now

Servis has always been a household name and their attention to detail is impressive. Looking at all the options included in their products suggests they have really thought about how they will fit into a busy home. I am really looking forward to receiving my dishwasher from Servis and putting it through its paces in our busy kitchen. I’ll be back to let you know just how I get on and whether Servis lives up to its claims, the first job will be to educate my family in how to use it and explain that unlike one of my current dishwashers it should work on every setting not just number one!


I will be receiving a fully paid for dishwasher to review from the Servis range for which my views and options will be as I find the appliance in use. This post is an information post based on manufacturer information available on the Servis website.