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Posted on October 24th, 2014

Surfing the waves in the late autumn sun

I love the beach and our weekly visit for the children’s surf lessons and feel quite sad that half term has arrived and we have now finished surf lesson until the spring. Guy and Jed have loved their surfing this year, the group is made up of all their school friends and they have a real giggle in the water as well as learning to surf. I really hand it to the Surf’s Up instructors who let them all stay together in one group and have to manage their noise levels in the sea. For my boys it is the highlight of the week. For the penultimate week I had been running the coast path with Clio and Theo and came back in time to grab my camera in order to take a few shots towards the end of their lesson. It was one of those evenings where the waves were fair and the sun just falling low in a clear blue sky. The wind had dropped and it could have been midsummer rather than late October. The serious surfing had finished and the children were all having a bit of fun together in the water, even after nearly two hours in the water they were still full of energy and enjoying the mild weather and gentle waves. Watching them as the light faded made me so appreciative of our life here in Cornwall.


Surf's Up in October


Surfing and Play at the beach for Coombe Mill Kids


Watching the sun drop low in the sky


 Surfing into the sunset


Still smiling as the heavy boards are carried back up the beach


 Guy carrying surfboard back up the beach


What a difference a week makes; we returned for what should have been their last lesson this week to find the wind so strong it had been cancelled. I have been taking my children to surf’s up over 6 years and this is the first time I can remember the children being offered to watch a video instead. Back at Coombe Mill in it’s rich green valley I had no idea of the winds out on the coast which were the remains from hurricane Gonzalo. My boys were already suited and ready and so a long with a few others were given the option of bodyboards if they wanted to go in. After a big lecture from me about not going in deeper than their legs today I followed them towards the sea and didn’t take my eye off them for a minute. It was really scary and I was delighted when they came back out after just 10 minutes claiming it was too hard to catch the waves. I’m glad I let them go and taste how dangerous the sea can be but delighted to have them towelled down and in the car. The video clips are very shaky which shows just how hard I fought to stand still against the wind to watch them.



I adore the beach and hope that without the discipline of surf club we still find the time to go. I will be selecting the calmer days only of my own accord though!   

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall