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Posted on November 7th, 2014

Preparing for Bonfire Night

The Coombe Mill bonfire party is planned for the 9th November this year. It is usually the first Sunday following the 5th. Most of our guests this week were heading home before our big event; however some of them joined us for the local village bonfire party at St Tudy. This event has a true village feel to it with proceeds from the summer carnival and voluntary contributions entering the playing field paying for the evening. There is a huge bonfire which takes days to build, as we know only too well and stalls selling drinks and pasties all to be enjoyed before the fireworks themselves. The public are fenced off from the bonfire and firework lighting to keep things safe for everyone, though stopping mine from creeping ever closer is always a challenge. In between the fun the children play on the swings and slides and run around with their friends. 


St Tudy village on Bonfire Night


For our craft hour I thought we would reflect on bonfire night, the fireworks we had seen and dangers that lurked and have a little fun crafting under the firework theme.


Bonfire Party Safety and Nature Fireworks

We created a list of practical tips for children at bonfire parties which Clio proudly read out to everyone.


Keep Safe on bonfire Night Message


After the serious side of our little safety talk it was down to business. We collected some sticks and an assortment of colourful autumn leaves from the fairy garden and brought them back to the house.


Searching for leaves and sticks in the Fairy Garden


We used our leaves to create a bonfire and firework collage on the back of our fire safety tips and held everything in place with a glue stick and then cling film which also gave it structure.


bonfire and Firework Collages from Nature


Then we drew some fireworks with wax crayons and painted a diluted black paint over the top. The water based paint wiped off the wax crayon but soaked into the paper to create a night sky for our fireworks.


Fireworks in the night sky - A Coombe Mill Craft


My favourite activity  was making sparklers. I cut lengths of florist ribbon which the children stapled around their sticks and frayed the ends out to make our very own hand held multicoloured sparklers. 


 Ribbon and Sticks to Sparklers



By the time we finished our crafts the sky outside my house was dark so we took our colourful sparklers into the fairy garden and waved them in and out of torch light to recreate the magic of Bonfire night and entertain the fairies. The children thought this was really fun and it left the parents smiling and not worrying they were going to hurt themselves as they waved them vigorously around and around. You can see just how effective they were in the video clip at the end of sequence below.




Joining in with Country Kids

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And away from the farm....

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We were not the only ones with a ghost train, the Princess and the Pickle found one on their day out too.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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