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Posted on November 14th, 2014

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Well actually it was the 9th of November in our case! We attended the local village party on the 5th and learnt about safety and firework crafts last week in our activity hour and this week it was time for our own Coombe Mill party. I spent hours making 100 burgers from our own lamb mince (recipe here tomorrow), slicing as many rolls and laying tables of extras and drinks. In between the boys had Parade to attend.

There is too much to do all in a day and most of the bonfire building had taken place during the week leading up to the event. This year the Bonfire represented a medical field hospital and Felix helped Nick to build it.

Making a Medical Field Shelter for our Bonfire

Our Effigy was an Ebola Man all suited and booted.  The children were rather proud of their guy Fawkes and rightly so. 


Ebola Man as Guy Fawkes Effigy for Bonfire Night 2014


The weather on the day was not helping us at all, we moved from sunshine to rain and back again in the blink of an eye. The kids’ efforts to wipe the furniture down were soon in vain and even the gazebo we put up keeled over in one of the downpours.


Setting up the BBQ in Sun and Rain


I was determined we would carry on, as I was onto burger round 80 to 100 by then and the forecast going forward was no better. Nick was staring out at the rain when inspiration struck and we relocated the barbecues to the Log store. It had served us so well on Halloween for all our party games and had lighting which made it ideal. In the end the showers held off for our evening’s entertainment and the BBQ crowd spilled out onto the lane.


BBQ at the Log Store


Nick left me in charge of the BBQ and handing out sparklers to the children while he slipped off with Ebola Man under one arm to light the bonfire and set the rockets and fireworks in place.  


BBQ and Sparklers for Bonfire Night

The sound of the first firework was our queue to walk along the path and watch the display.  Nick has become the local expert and delivers a wonderful display all at a safe distance. I can never resist a photo of everyone watching as well as the fireworks themselves.


Bonfire Night 2014 at Coombe Mill


With full tummies and happy children everyone made their way home just as the rain returned. In the end we timed things just perfectly. My greatest delight after this event is to see the tractor and trailer locked away and Farmer Nick safe indoors with me again. He may have done it many times before but I still worry for his safety each year.   


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