I love washing dishes!

Posted on November 18th, 2014

A few weeks back I mentioned an old family favourite brand Servis that was making a comeback in the UK. Their new range of domestic appliances are looking to offer that little bit more to make your household chores a little bit less; music to my ears with a busy house and six children.

I have not one but two dishwashers in my kitchen, spoilt perhaps but with eight of us there is always one on the go and they get treated quite harshly. One was well past its best with holes in the cutlery tray, a broken seal on the door which leaked and a tablet dispenser that was jammed shut. Ordering my new one from Servis was easy and the delivery was taken in excellent condition, though the delivery company gave us a bit of a run-around sorting out a date.

My new Servis dishwasher  

Plumbing in the new Dn61039SS machine was very straightforward and Nick had it set up in my kitchen in minutes and ready for loading.


Plumbing in the machine


It has 3 handy loading sections inside with a Millie style up rack for extra cutlery and long knives making loading efficient and easy which is a bonus when all six of my children are carrying up empty dinner plates and glasses together.


 Empty and Full


Visually it is a huge improvement with its clean lines and switch digital dashboard, though it did worry me that this would be difficult to operate.  I needn’t have worried as it came with a huge operating manual I didn’t even need to glance at. Having switched the machine on it told me it needed salt and rinse aid and selected a program all by itself! I then had some handy up and down arrows to change to one of the other 9 programmes if I chose before pressing an obvious “go / play” button; simple as that. There is even a handy interior light, I’ve never seen that in a dishwasher before. 


Dishwasher Buttons


However I have saved the best till last. This dishwasher is really quiet! Check out this video clip with me right up next to the machine mid way through a 50 degree wash and I was tickled by the clock telling me how many minutes of the program were left to run.



Did this super quiet machine clean any dishes?

Well just check out this sparkle and that’s on Tesco value tablets! Like any dishwasher it is important to ensure it is loaded with the arms free to turn and the gunk removed from plates.  


Clean Plates and Glasses


Would I recommend a Servis dishwasher?

Oh yes, without a doubt.  You can even have it is a stylish silver if you prefer.

There we have it, I love washing dishes because Servis does it for me without any fuss, noise or mess!


Disclaimer: I am delighted to be working in partnership with Servis and ordered this dishwasher free of charge in return for my honest feedback which you have here. 

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