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Posted on November 21st, 2014

Free Play in Nature

I have always been a huge believer in encouraging free play, of allowing children to use their imaginations and nature for entertainment with as little adult input as needed to inspire them. We are lucky to have the 30 acres of countryside that makes Coombe Mill and this does make things easy for my children, yet still I love nothing more than to watch them at play creating their own fun. What’s more their experience of life on the farm and enthusiasm for the outdoors is infectious and by the school holidays they waste no time in teaming up with guests their age and leading them into an adventure. This past half term has been particularly mild, with my children that inevitably means taking advantage of the river and its tributaries running through Coombe Mill.

Dam building 

Working with two families the triplets helped to dam our main tributary in 6 places creating a beautiful cascade of waterfalls. despite backache and water in wellies they were clearly satisfied with their results.


Damming the river

River games.

Dam building turned out to be hot work and a cool down in the river was in order. While the guests paddled and threw sticks for the dogs Guy jumped in off the bridge and swam over to join them via the rope swing, fully clothed of course, what difference could another wash load make for me!


October in the River Camel

A stone skimming competition followed with the adults even skimming a few right under the bridge and out the other side. The best skimmer was clearly under debate and the children decided this was best resolved in a splashing war; well Guy had nothing to lose being already soaked. Huge swells of water sprayed around amidst laughter and squeals from the girls.


River Fun splashing at Coombe Mill

By this time there were more wet children than dry and several now chose to join Guy in a full dunking while more of our guests came to join in the fun.

Swimming in the river Oct half term


Who would have thought something as simple as dam building could have turned into such a full afternoon of child led fun in nature and how is it that children just don’t feel the cold as we do?




This was only 3 weeks ago, yet how the weather has changed since then. We have seen downpours and rain in quantities not felt since January return and the river has swollen. As a result river play is now off limits again until spring as the current is already too strong. There is no messing with nature and my children respect this.


River swollen in November

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