Will You Fake It

Posted on November 23rd, 2014


OK I’m not talking 50 shades of Grey but 50 shades of Green!  Here at Coombe Mill we have always made a point of offering our Christmas guests real Christmas Trees in their properties for the festive season. What’s more not only do we provide the tree but the lights all ready assembled and a box of decorations ready for our arriving families to do the fun part together. 


Christmas Trees in the Coombe Mill properties 2013


I have never thought to question this decision until Nick said to me following a shopping trip to Trago Mills (Farmer Nick’s second home) that he had seen some really lovely if expensive looking artificial trees he thought might be better. Initially I dismissed the idea as did our children. For us Christmas is all about choosing trees for us and the guests and having a fun morning out doing so. However the more I thought about it and saw the trees he was referring to the more I thought it might not be such a bad idea. They looked real, infact more perfect than their real misshapen counterparts, didn’t need watering, wouldn’t prickle the children and didn’t drop mess everywhere.

I was convinced enough to at least ask our guests the question of which they would prefer. The answers came back very quickly and decisively making me glad I asked. There seems to be a firm group in each camp and we now have bought some quality 7ft artificial trees for those who prefer the no mess option. I must say they look a delight and don’t take over the room; there is definitely an advantage to being able to mould them to the available space.  For me the only thing missing is the forest pine smell. 


 Nick putting up a new quality artificial Christmas Tree in Heligan Lodge


For my own children there was no persuading them, breakfast out and our usual tree selecting adventure will take place next month as usual. Those Coombe Mill guests who feel the same will be greeted by a waft of fresh pine and a little needle scattering when they arrive.   


Family Traditions leading up to Christmas


Which way will you swing this Christmas and what factors influence your decision?

Am I right in thinking more of us are taking the artificial option? Is the fear of little ones pulling over a real tree, the resulting needles and water on the carpet or injuries caused making parents cautious? Is it the price which rises each year along with the cost of a good base or the sheer hassle of buying, carrying and erecting the weighty messy beast that prevents a purchase?


Will you fake it this Christmas



I wonder if I would be so keen on a real tree without Farmer Nick or my teen boys to do the “dirty work” for me, yet the child in me would feel as disappointed as my kids not to bring a little fairy magic from the woods into our home at Christmas time.

We’d love you to join us 

If you are still at a loose end for Christmas we have two family cottages left with your choice of real or artificial tree, all the fun and none of the hassle whichever your preference.