Coombe Mill makes Russian TV

Posted on November 30th, 2014



Russian TV at Coombe

Finding an email in my inbox from a Russian TV company I nearly hit delete assuming it was spam, thankfully I was curious enough to email back just in case it was for real. As the email exchange continued I realised this wasn’t a hoax but in fact Russia’s number one TV station and they really did want to come and film with us. We will form part of a documentary on cats. Ironic given the only cat here on the farm is our lovable moggy Penguin!


The Cornish Rex

They were especially interested in our farm as we are on the edge of Bodmin Moor, home to the first ever Cornish Rex cat. The breed dates back to 1950 and the first Rex born to a domestic tortoiseshell mother. The kitten named Kallibunker had a tight curly red and white coat, the only one of the litter. He was so unusual he was bred back with his mother and thanks to spontaneous genetic mutation the species grew. Nothing is known of Killibunker’s father but he must have carried the mutated gene. Today the Cornish Rex can be found worldwide but are linked to Cornwall and regarded as the cream of the domestic cats with their stunning sleek looks, mischievous nature and intelligence.

Aggy and Cheryl 

My thanks to Sian To for the photos of Aggy and Cheryl above and in the top photo; her two stunning Cornish Rex cats who have become much loved family pets full of personality.  

From Cornish Rex to Coombe Mill

I am intrigued to see how the film crew will fit feeding the animals on a wet November morning with Farmer Nick in with the history of the Cornish Rex! The crew consisted of the cameraman, script writer, director and action man (David Attenborough of the show) who was chatting to Farmer Nick in Russian. Nick just had to reply “yes” to everything and was assured it was basic questions on feeding the animals, let’s hope so!


Nick and the Russians


The rabbits were the highlight for the film crew and they took four shots of the same scene in there. The script writer had never handled a rabbit before but seemed quite taken with our Snowy.  


Meeting the Rabbits


My thanks to the film crew who allowed me to shadow them filming us and share the day.  We had feared they might have wanted to rearrange the farm to take just the shot they wanted but they were very accommodating and happy to film everything just as it is for real here at Coombe Mill. It certainly made a different morning for us and as our first morning closed to the public for four weeks we were able to take our time and visit the animals in the order that suited for filming. Thank goodness for a reception full of welly boots too, they didn’t seem to think filming on a farm might be a muddy affair, clearly a culture shock from the centre of Moscow where they are based.


Filming around the Farm


We waved them off to a “cat hotel”, apparently a cat massage, shampoo and set is all the rage! From there they are filming the Cornish coast before returning home. I am assured we will receive a copy of the documentary when it goes on air later this winter and will share Farmer Nick in his starring role looking knowledgeable in understanding Russian.

Until then here are a few clips from the morning.

  photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg