Gift Wrapping – A Chore or a Pleasure.

Posted on December 8th, 2014

If I’m honest I do quite enjoy present wrapping, but only when I feel I am organised, have time to enjoy the process and space to spread out and be creative. I love to make homemade gift tags from last year’s Christmas cards and write stylish messages. A good reel of tape in a dispenser, a variety of colours of paper to change between and Christmas music with a large cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening and it all becomes part of the magic of the season. This is very much my ideal present wrapping conditions. Pre children or even with just one or two this was a reality.


The 'Perfect' Present


Fast forward to today with six children, extended family, parents and our very own Santa Grotto and suddenly my ideals of present wrapping become a frantic blur of how to find, buy and wrap all that needs doing. I find that keeping things from prying eyes and convincing the kids that the Grotto presents are not to be touched and too young for them anyway is no easy task. I even considered inviting a few friends round for wine one evening to give me a hand and make chore the fun it used to be.


Wrapping the Grotto Presents

However when taking a step back and reflecting on a weekend when all the family have pulled together raking the last of the autumn leaves, putting up Christmas decorations at Coombe Mill and helping to tidy the Fairy Garden and finish the Den Building Zone, I can’t help but feel their excitement for the festive season, opening again for our Christmas holiday guests and sense my woes of present wrapping fade.


Christmas Preparations

This week I received the most awesome wrapping paper in the post. It is the most colourful looking paper I’ve seen in ages. Looking closely I can see it is made of the latest pictures from my Instagram feed.  Now I see just how much I love colour and am drawn to photographing the most vibrant colourful scenes in and around Coombe Mill.  The paper is the work of a new online company that does as the name suggests but with a difference. Here you can create your own bespoke wrapping paper from photos on your computer, your facebook or Instagram feed just at the click of a button.


Coombe Mill Wrapping Paper


My sample sheets are so lovely I was tempted to frame them instead of wrapping with them!


Framed personalised wrapping paper


The paper quality is like writing paper with a matt finish and reminds me of the quality wrapping paper I remember my parents using as a child. You can make and create your own, pay online and have it delivered 1st class in the post for as little as £4.99. Well worthwhile for a special family gift at any time of year and any occasion. 


Final Present 


I was sent to sheets of paper to use myself. I chose to write the review as I love the idea and quality of this paper.


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