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Posted on December 12th, 2014

Pencarrow Christmas Fair

Being closed transforms weekends for us, suddenly there is no changeover and feeding the animals becomes a family affair, though we had local friends to join us this week too and took our time not worrying if we were a few minutes late starting.


feed run with family and friends


After the feeding the animals we had a whole day ahead of us for family time. I have had a ban on Christmassy things till December but now it felt time to indulge my gang in a little Christmas magic. Seeing the Pencarrow Christmas Fair was on I thought I’d take the children.


Pencarrow Christmas Fair

In the end it was only Guy and Clio who chose to accompany me as the other boys had gone for a round of golf with Dad. It was mid afternoon and we assumed it would be quiet by now but no such luck; in fact we had to queue to park. We know the owners as his children were best friends with mine at playgroup and he found us a sneaky space. I decided we would explore the gardens first while it was still light and a beautiful afternoon.  The kids were happy with this and ran off in search of favourite haunts from past visits such as the special cave grotto and the water fountain.


Pencarrow Gardens enjoying the Kids favorite haunts


With plenty of free space, a waterfall and a play area they had a wonderful time until Clio became stuck in the baby swing on a challenge with her brother. I took this as the time to head indoors.


Pencarrow Gardens, plenty to explore for kids

At only £2 for adults and children going free I suddenly wished more of the family had come with me and understood why it was so busy. There were craft and food halls across the beautiful downstairs rooms and out into the marquee. The children as always wanted to buy everything but settled on a glass of non alcoholic mulled apple juice and a delicious brownie. Clio was very temped by the fun food jewellery and I couldn’t resist some wonderful smelling Christmas coffee.


 Pencarrow Christmas Fair in the house and marquee


However the highlight was the lady weaving from Willow. Along with her beautiful items she showed my two how to make Willow Christmas stars. Peter Hodges , who was photographing for the Cornish Guardian, came over to watch and took a photo of Clio at work, I was quick to ask for a copy after leaving my DSLR at home and making do with my I phone which was running dangerously low on battery by now.


 Clio weaving willow at the Pencarrow Christmas Fair


We were one of the last to leave and the children still had their stars in hand. Back at Coombe Mill they used gold paint to spray their stars up ready for our Christmas tree. I am hoping we may do the same with some of our Christmas guests now for activity hour. If you are staying for Christmas this could be the crown to your tree too.


Christmas Star makes it home to Coombe Mill

Buying the local paper in the week I was thrilled to see the photo of Clio from the event had made it inside too.


Cornish Guardian feature for Clio Cambouropoulos




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