My Best Christmas Present

Posted on January 4th, 2015

Christmas is perfect for enjoying family time and as a parent I love to see the excitement from my children in the build up to the big day. At Coombe Mill we are able to share our family Christmas by opening the farm again to welcome our Christmas holiday makers.


Christmas Day Feed Run 


Much as I love the festivities, it is a busy period for me. However all the hard work feels justified when an email comes along like the one I am sharing below from Susy Puckett. Susy and her Family stayed with us in Pencarrow lodge over the Christmas break. I always encourage feedback from our visitors whilst they are with us and after they leave and we have made many changes based on suggestions that arise. Susy’s email just blew me away, I feel so proud of my family for helping make this family’s Christmas one to remember. It really is the best present I could have, and I am so grateful to Susy for taking the trouble to email me and agreeing for to me to share the content:

An email from Susy Puckett

“I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had.  From the moment we arrived, everything was exactly what I had hoped for and imagined, and a whole lot more.  Pencarrow was the perfect choice for us, thank you for your advice.  The location was nice and secluded but also so close to all the amenities.  In the first week, we stayed downstairs and my brother and his girlfriend stayed upstairs, so we could have a floor and a bathroom each.  Then in the second week, when they had left and our parents had arrived, all the grandparents stayed downstairs and Gary and I moved upstairs with Ellie so we could have our own space.  It worked really well.  Then we could all be together during the day thanks to the open plan floor space. 


Pencarrow Lodge


I loved it, couldn’t think of anything I would change, and all our family loved it too.  The feed runs were the highlight of our holiday, with you and Nick and the children working really hard to make it special and different every day.  I couldn’t believe it (and still can’t) that my 1.5yr old Eleanor got to drive the tractor…twice!  Nick has a magical way with children obviously!  I loved the beautiful setting, the fact we could use the gym, all the extra attractions for the kids like the garden, soft play and tractors, and the parks and also Eleanor absolutely loved the train, and the fact that a child drives it is even more magical and inspiring to her and us.  Guy is so polite.  All of you and your whole family work so hard and are so lovely that’s what makes it so enjoyable.  I truly don’t know where you find the time, but the fact you have sent this email at 5am is probably something to do with it!


 Feed run and Train


The whole place is immaculate, and the animals are just such a joy.  If we had had more time I know Gary would have loved to go fishing in one of the lakes – something for next time.
Also the Christmas festivities were just so lovely, thank you for organising all of that, and especially for welcoming us all into your home, we are so grateful for such a splendid evening.
I would recommend anyone to visit you, and will be telling all my friends about it.  And as you know, we will be returning.


Christmas Activities

But the biggest thank you I would like to give you is from Eleanor, who has really grown during her time at Coombe Mill.  I have watched her run around Pencarrow as if she was born there, hiding in cupboards and running in and out of all the rooms with such freedom.  She has enjoyed all the fresh air and open space, and confidently walked down the path to the tractor each morning.  In our 10 days with you Eleanor can now name all of the animals on your farm, and make their noises, she knows what they eat and where they live.  Eleanor has driven a tractor, and even steered it completely on her own.  She now makes the steering wheel motion and ‘beep beep’ sounds when we ask her about the tractor.  She also now knows what a train is and says ‘choo choo’.  I have never seen her smile so much, never heard her laugh so much and I will never forget her face as she drove the tractor with Nick for the first time.  As my mother said, ‘Now Eleanor has known Coombe Farm, how will she ever fit back into boring old Epsom?’. 

 Learning and Developing

Our dog Boris who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in November, and was supposed to be put down the day before we arrived at Coombe, has been given a new lease of life!  I am not exaggerating.
I cannot express how grateful I am to you. 
I look forward to booking with you again soon. 
Take care and try to rest or sleep at some point!


Waiting at Coombe Halt
Many kind thanks,

Susy Puckett (and Eleanor, Gary, Boris and all the family)” 

A bonus for Coombe Mill

I found out during our conversations that Susy runs The big Act Theatre School teaching dance, drama and singing. Susy has kindly offered to return to Coombe Mill with props to help us create a little show with the children for our activity hour; as she is fully trained and insured to teach ages 0-18yrs I jumped at the opportunity. Watch out if you book your holiday with us on the same week as Susy this year, you could be in for a surprise! If you are interested in theatre and dance and live in the Epsom area you might like to follow The Big Act Theatre on facebook or twitter or contact Susy about classes on 

Book your Christmas at Coombe Mill

We are now open for bookings for Christmas 2015 and we offer 10 nights for the price of 7 at Christmas or New Year. Our booking system struggles with the non Saturday dates so if you are looking to book please do call on 01208 850344 or email me at as I will need to enter the bookings manually. I hope we will be able to welcome you and your family to our farm and make yours a Christmas to remember too.




Susy’s email to me was spontaneous from her and not requested by me in any way, I was not required to promote the theatre details, I simply chose to share something I think looks wonderful. This is NOT a sponsored post. Thank you to Susy for some of the photos and video footage in this post.

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