Farmer Nick Celebrates 50 in Uniform

Posted on February 8th, 2015

At Coombe Mill we are known for throwing a good party, whether it is one of our special events with our holiday guests or a personal party for family and friends, the invites go out and everyone knows they are in for a good night. Last year for Nick we did a Greek theme here at Coombe Mill, converting our kitchen into a perfect Greek Taverna for the night. I knew that was going to be hard to top but with Nick turning 50 it had to be the best yet.

The timing was perfect being the week before half term while we were still closed. All our friends and family from far and wide were able to come and stay the weekend which was perfect for them and a great test run at heating and turning on all the cottages and scandinavian lodges for us. The fun began as we welcomed people into our house throughout Friday evening with a case of champagne and a pot of curry, the worries of M5 traffic, work and school soon melting away.  

By Saturday evening everyone was ready to party all dressed up in their own interpretations of the theme “uniforms”.


Farmer Nick's 50th birthday party Invites

We were taking over the local pub and hired a bus to take us there. No one had even had a drink at this stage yet you can already from the photo that it was going to be a good night ahead.


On the bus to St Mabyn Inn leaving Coombe Mill Car Park

Much credit for the evening goes to the owners of the St Mabyn Inn who helped us plan the night and were ready and waiting with Prosecco on arrival. I must say a candy tray was much more useful than my pom poms for holding a glass of fizz!


Candy Tray & Uniforms at Farmer Nick's 50th birthday party

During the course of the evening the photos progress from reserved to wild as we made our way through a delicious 3 course buffet and ample wine.


Drinks and food at St Mabyn Inn for Nick's 50th Birthday party


I excelled myself with my best cake ever, a carrot cake as requested by Nick but decorated with inspiration from our children who insisted on it being a Top Gear cake. I turned it into a 50 year special edition, with a times laps chocolate board and Photos from key life stages along the road. I was only too happy to show it off with speeches and cake cutting and leading a chorus of Happy Birthday.


 Farmer Nick's 50th Birthday Cake

Nick couldn’t have been happier with all the people who mattered most around him and a tremendous atmosphere in the room. He even managed the odd dance under duress!


Farmer Nick Dancing at his 50th birthday Party at St Mabyn


Boogying on down till the clock struck midnight and our bus returned was no hardship for the rest of us.


 Dancing the night away at Farmer Nick's 50th birthday Party


However perhaps the highlight of the evening for me was watching how all my usually socially shy teens linked up with friends they don’t see from one year to the next as if it were yesterday and were happy in the limelight, giving it large on the dance floor with us oldies and really enjoying themselves. The generational gap melted for a few hours, we were not parents and children but all friends enjoying a great night out. There was always someone picking up my camera and clicking away and the children for once were having too much fun to complain, instead enjoying the chance to join in with a silly pose.


Having a laugh through the generations at Nick's 50th party

Organising these events I so often say never again, yet when it all comes together on the night I remember why I love these big gatherings. The teen crowd carried on their party back at Coombe Mill in the Hot Tub at Tree Roots Cottage until 3am. It was only once I knew mine were all safely back indoors at our house that I finally locked the front door and drifted off to sleep.   


I only hope we are all able to make the next big milestone together, though I may have to grow up and ditch the cheer leader get up by then!