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Posted on February 13th, 2015

For the love of Golf:

Farmer Nick is an avid golf enthusiast. Ever since I first met him in our early 20s he was a member of his local Sussex golf club. It is a game he has played at any opportunity over the years and even persuaded me to give it a go. If I am completely honest it is not my favourite sport requiring far too much concentration and patience, however as the children are beginning to take an interest I am more inclined to tag along and enjoy the odd knock about. While we have been closed these past few weeks we have been able to free up our weekends from the needs of the business and enjoyed the odd family game.


Family fun with Golf on holiday in winter


It may look wintery and bleak in the cold of winter but golf is still a great opportunity to blow a few cobwebs away and enjoy a little friendly family competition at our local pitch and putt. Nick always wins over all, but if the rest of us can beat him on the odd hole we are happy and to his credit he is a very patient teacher and keen to encourage us all. On this occasion it was my eldest Ally and my youngest Clio who joined us for a windy round. I took my camera to see if some video’s of our less than perfect swing might help us improve and then decided we had such a lovely time together it was worthy of a Country Kids post!


Help at Golf From Farmer Nick


There were a few professional looking moments.


Professional moments from the best Coombe Mill Golfers

But considerable time spent searching in the rough for missing balls!


Coombe Golfers go hunting for their best golf balls


Much frustration especially from Clio who hasn’t got the power of her Dad and big brother, but then a triumphant dance following a stroke of genius and a winning hole!


Clio tastes success with her best golfing hole

I was very proud of my fellow golfing buddies by the end of the round.


Family Golfing Fun woith Country Kids

We had a lovely couple of hours though the video does show plenty of room for improvement!



Joining in with Country Kids

February may not be the perfect month for getting outdoors, but believe me when you do it is the best medicine for fighting the winter blues. Whatever you do outdoors from a family walk to a play in the park, coming back indoors after some fresh air in your lungs is the best feeling ever. So grab your camera, enjoy some outdoor fun and pop back here to share with me on the linky. Please grab the badge or link to this page and remember to visit others, it is where many of my ideas come from and I hope it will inspire you too.   

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