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Posted on February 27th, 2015

The Magic of the Secret Beach

I have been keeping my promise to the family to ensure we manage some winter beach trips. There is nothing better on a crisp winter’s day than to feel the chill of the sea breeze and enjoy some quality family time. Usually we head out to Polzeath which has all the facilities you might need as a family and where we know all the sneaky places to park for free! However I really fancied a bit of a cliff walk too and so Clio and Guy came with me for a quick expedition to the “secret beach”. This is just a 10 minute drive from Coombe Mill, parking is simply in the lane by a farm and there is a beautiful 15 minute farm and coast path walk to Tregardock beach.


The Secret Beach at Tregardock Cliffs, North Cornwall near Coombe Mill Holidays


This beach is simply stunning, with caves, waterfall and plunge pool, not to mention beautiful soft sand, the bluest sea and always quiet even in August. There is a catch though and that’s that with a 15 minute farm and coastal walk and a very steep decent over rough steps caved into the rock it is very unsuitable for young children and the elderly. I have to confess to shuffling down the last sections on my bottom while Guy and Clio laughed at me from below! It is also tidal so that the beautiful beach disappears completely at high tide and I am always nervous to make sure our escape route is in sight. This said when you walk the path down a couple of hours before low tide on a sunny day it is one of the most magical places around.



Tregardock cliffs, the way to the secret beach   


Guy took a short cut down one of the mountain passes and left Clio and I watching in dismay, thankfully he finished feet first!

We were the only ones there and I followed the kids as they explored the caves and rocks.


Waterfall and caves to explore at Tregardock beach North Cornwall


This soon turned into a game where one would make a spade trail across the sand and round the rocks to a hiding place while the other had to follow the trail.


The Sand Trail Game on Tregardock beach, North Cornwall


Those giant rocks became a climbing and jumping challenge. I managed the climb but not the jump! To be honest I was more interested in the giant mussels on the rocks and had a go at building a fire as we have done in the past with the idea of cooking a few but with only the remains of a box of matches in my pocket my attempts were in vain. Next time I will come prepared!


Rock Climbing at Tregardock Beach North Cornwall

The shining nuggets of crystal embedded in the rock were glistening in the sunlight and Guy took to chiselling a few chunks with his spade. I said that would never do it and he should bring a hammer next time, of course he proved me wrong!


 Digging for crystals at Tregardock beach North Cornwall


For us this was a wonderful couple of hours of sea air and discovery. Tregardock beach you have our hearts.

All the photos were taken on my iPhone 6  courtesy of Simply Business. This is my very first i movie, I love the slow mo app on Guy’s heroics. I hope you enjoy it too.



Joining in with Country Kids

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall