From Farm Pigs to Teapigs

Posted on March 9th, 2015

My family and friends say I’m a snob when it comes to food and drink. I’m not sure I agree but I can say I know what I like. Food sourced from our farm, wine from a crystal glass, coffee made from beans in a super sized mug and tea in a china cup. If that makes me a snob then so be it. I believe that presentation, aroma and perception is all part of the total experience and that we really do taste with our eyes and nose not just our mouth.  To enjoy food is about a total sensual experience, this is quite different from a rushed need to quench thirst or fill an empty tummy. Our food needs to deliver on many different levels.

When Teapigs said they wanted to send me some of their specialist tea for Mothers Day I knew which occasion this was meant for. This wasn’t going to be your dunk a bag in a mug and run type cuppa, more of a savour the moment in china sitting on the veranda and listening to the river situation.

When my teas arrived they oozed quality and natural credentials right from the packaging.

Teapigs in their ethical and green packaging

Opening the pack up the fresh aroma hit my nose immediately, even the children wanted to find out more. Each individual teapig is a work of art. The bags look like silk and are biodegradable. Each bag, or temple as they are called, has a handy label and cotton to hold onto. Move over supermarket flat perforations that tear when you separate the paper feel bags. Teapigs says quality before you even boil the kettle.


biodegradable teapig temple mountain


This is a tea that warrants a china cup, the flavour drifts up all over again when the water hits the tea bag. Usually I like my tea quite weak but I found these were best left to infuse for a few minutes, the flavour is more subtle than the fragrance and it needs time to brew.


teapigs from a bone china cup & saucer


I considered a biscuit with my cuppa on the veranda but in the end decided this was just going to spoil it. I’ve never done a detox diet but if it involved drinking this I think I could be persuaded.  Of the flavours I tried the apple and cinnamon was my favourite but they are all wonderfully blended and true to their description. I was curious to know more of their origin.

About Teapigs

It turns out Teapigs were set up by Nick and Louise. Louise is a professional tea taster and knows her stuff. The ingredients use only the finest whole leaf teas, whole berries, herbs and flowers; there is no powdery “extract of” going in to make the delicious range of 28 flavours, many of which are naturally caffeine free.  They can be found in Waitrose, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, these outlets are not in Cornwall but thankfully they are available from the teapigs website along with details of their ethical company work and other products like matcha green tea, super power green tea and the new “grab and go” range with fruit juice.  There is even a handy subscription for 3 – 9 months costing from £39 for a special Mothers Day or birthday treat and handy offers if you sign up with the website.   


teapigs tea temple giveaway with Coombe Mill

Win your Teapigs with Coombe Mill

If you like the sound of a Teapigs moment in your day why not enter to win 3 packs of 15 tea temples worth £11.97 in your chosen flavours. Simply follow the instructions below.

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Good luck to everyone taking part.

Disclosure: I was sent my Teapigs as a gift, I enjoyed them so much I wanted to share them here on the blog and offer them as a giveaway for someone else to try too. All thoughts expressed here are my own.