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Posted on March 16th, 2015

Friendship is Magic


Gallop Away with May The Best Pet Win

The horse may have bolted but My Little Pony has galloped out on to DVD with episode 7 to 11 from season 2 of the popular My Little Pony series with May the best pet win. Join Rainbow Dash and friends on their latest adventures.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: May The Best Pet Win is out now on DVD

What’s in the Box:

1. 1x DVD with 
  • May the Best Pet Win
  • The Mysterious Mare Do Well
  • Sweet and Elite
  • Secret of My Excess
  • Family Appreciation Day
2. 1x Surprise My Little Pony Figure
  • I received a Lilac Hearts toy but it may be a different figurine in your box

What's in the Box

After realising that she is the only one in her group of friends not to have a pet, Rainbow Dash organises a competition to determine who the best pet is for her. The pets must race one another through seven rounds of a challenging contest, resulting in a final battle against Rainbow Dash at ‘Ghastly Gorge’. 

During the race, Rainbow Dash finds herself in trouble when her wing becomes stuck under a boulder. Things are looking dire, but after almost completely giving up hope, help arrives in the most unlikely of friends.

As ever there is a serious underlying message for children coming through as the ponies discover that the most important quality in a pet, friend or relative is not how cool they are but that they are there when you really need them.


May the Best Pet Win DVD is out now with a special Limited Edition My Little Pony Toy included. The toy itself is plastic and sturdy but be careful with very young children as it is only 4 cm by 4cm.

Lilac Hearts Pony Toy

We have a copy of the DVD here at Coombe Mill for guests to watch in their holiday cottage or lodge.

Watching the my little Pony DVD


This would be a great way to chill out with some quiet time after a busy day on the farm meeting our little ponies Skippy and Dinky who love a cuddle and for someone to groom them.


Horse Grooming


Win your copy of My Little Pony – May The Best Pet Win

If you fancy winning a copy of this magical DVD produced by Hasbro Studios just follow the instructions below. Good Luck to all taking part and remember if you don’t win it is now available to buy for £7.00 on Amazon (price as of 14th March 2015).


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