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Posted on March 20th, 2015

Match of the Season

My football crazy triplets had their latest league match away. It was a beautiful sunny day if chilly and I was on rota to take them. From the day before it was looking increasingly likely that Jed wasn’t going to make it. He lives for his football playing on the trampoline with Guy and around the garden at every opportunity.


Trampoline fun with a football at Coombe Mill

However he had been complaining of a sore throat since coming home from school on Friday from an amazing school match down in Truro and by Saturday had retreated to the sofa with a dovet. I knew then he wasn’t going to make the village league match the following morning but hadn’t the heart to dampen his spirits, instead telling him we’d see how he was feeling. After a desperate night, no sleep and a burning temperature it was clear I was taking the team without Jed.


Poorly Jed unable to play football

When we arrived at the away team grounds I discovered there were three absentees all with similar symptoms to Jed and we were struggling to put a team together. The home team agreed to play 6 a side, the sum total of our team. This gave them a bank of substitutes to use as they set into their hour long match.

There was a quick warm up and a pep talk from our leader to bolster their spirits before they lined up to shake hands with the opposition, a lovely touch to begin and end all their matches.


Preparing to play the Dobwells v St Tudy Football league game


Guy was standing in for Jed as goalie instead of his usual position in defence. He put his all into the game and really wanted to keep the teams winning run this season alive. Throughout the first half the team worked well and their energy up and down the pitch was commendable. 


Ist half of the Dobwells  v St Tudy Football league game

Guy was put through his paces in goal, with some saves and some frustrating misses. All of which left him coated in mud on the slippery pitch. At half time the score was 4: 2 to us.


Guy in Goal for the St Tudy Team under 11's football match

By the second half we could have done with some substitutes, our boys were beginning to flag and the parents and coaches were shouting encouragement and directives to rally them on. The away team brought the scores to a draw and Guy looked crest fallen; the team had to dig deep but had plenty of support. Clio had taken residence on top of the away team spectator’s stand and was shouting louder than everyone else put together. She knows all the team and the rules and was directing them all from her elevated position, matched only by the alpaca watching from the field across the pitch! 

 Clio and the alpaca watching football

Not one but two more goals expertly slid by their goalie in the second half with just one flawing Guy to leave St Tudy with a win of 6 : 4.


2nd half of the St Tudy v Dobwells under 11's football league game

The boys triumphantly shook hands with a sporting Dobwalls team as they came off the pitch and took a well earned drink suitably proud of themselves.


 Sporting end of match handshake


I had planned to nip off to Trago which is only 5 minutes away while they were playing, but the game was far too intense to leave even for my shopping loving daughter.


 Football Victory at Dobwells for St Tudy Football Club


By the time it came to run the evening train for our young guests Guy was still in football mode kicking his ball across with him. His new Chelsea Ball did a victory lap pushed by the train. 


Guy's Football Train Ride

After locking away the train Guy showed the curious three year old passengers how to kick the ball.  It was the sweetest moment of the day to me; the twins were thrilled as they booted the ball towards Guy and he made a play of saving it from the imaginary goal and gently gaving it back to them to try again.   


Football lessons at Coombe Mill from Driver Guy at Coombe Mill


I hope my children’s love of the game continues, it is such good exercise and a brilliant team sport which is supported and run so well in our local village.



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