Supporting Anxious Children

Posted on March 30th, 2015


We live in an age where children have access to so much information about the world around them especially when compared to 30 years ago when I was growing up. The educational advantage is huge with umpteen TV channels, the internet at their fingertips, social media pressures and a school curriculum all expanding their horizons. The opportunities for our youngsters are exciting and many. However knowledge and opportunity can be accompanied by fear. Having a child who worries is not uncommon, but recognising a worrier and knowing how to deal with this at an early age is not always easy. Children can be unsure of how to express themselves when young which can make understanding and reasoning difficult. Keeping a good channel of communication and trust is so important in overcoming any anxiety in children.


Crunch and Scrunch your Fears Away

Teachers and educational physiologists are right behind the new listing over at Prezzybox of worry eaters. These friendly monsters are designed to literally eat your child’s worries away.  Not only are they lovable cuddly toys but they have real value. Designed with a zip pocket mouth for children to write or draw their troubles on paper and post them into their friendly monster’s mouth. There is even a helpful hook behind the ears to hang your friend on a door handle or bedpost. Don’t worry this is very comfortable for monsters!

Polli the Worry Eater

There is no pressure on the child over when to do this, they can do it when the mood takes them and then an adult can open up the mouth later and see just what is causing the worries. What I love about this idea is that it removes confrontation, takes away all pressure to have to speak and gives the parent an insight into the anxiety. With a basic understanding established by the friendly worry eater parent and child can then come together to talk over the root cause of the anxiety.

Toddler Cuddling Polli the Worry Eater

Here on the farm we encourage all the children to join in with our morning feed run, to help Farmer Nick drive the tractor and to touch and feed the animals with us. Most love this experience, but occasionally children are afraid of the animals, the new situation and all the other children around. We have left Polli our Worry Eater in our borrow room ready to munch and crunch up any little worries here on holiday and help you make the most of your stay. Over on the Prezzybox site you can now find Saggo and Flint. These cheery chaps retail for £19.95 and represent so much more than just a toy.

Saggo and Flint

This is just one of many lovely ideas over on the Prezzybox gift range for children. Pop over and discover a whole range of other great ideas.  

Win a Worry Eater with Prezzybox & Coombe Mill

If you know a child prone to anxious behaviour who you feel might respond to a Worry Eater then why not enter to win Saggo or Flint with us; just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all those taking part and I hope all your worries are soon eaten up!    

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I was sent our worry eater to create this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.