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Posted on April 3rd, 2015

We always make an effort to tailor our farm events to the children staying. While we are in term time it is predominantly preschool children age 2 to 4 on the farm. This usually means slightly shorter feed runs with less time spent with the larger animals and on the train parents often ride too. For our activity hour I like to vary the things we do each week to make them interesting and appropriate for the age, confidence and ability of the children I see with us during the week. Spring is a time of new born babies here on the farm and the children staying have seen plenty this year. As activity hour rounds off the week we have been recapping on the animals here with a little fun learning and crafting.


Animal Themed Learning and Fun During Activity Hour

We began our learning up at the rabbits, collecting grass for them along the way and offering them our carrots. We talked about the correct ways to hold the bunnies so that they feel secure and don’t struggle, about the food and water they need each day and gave the children a little look in the locked hutch where the babies are now just beginning to open their eyes.


Feeding the rabbits during activity hour

Heading back to my garden the children we read Julia Donaldson’s “A squash and a squeeze”, I do love her stories, they always keep the children’s attention and the farm theme was perfect for us.


A Squash and A Squeeze story time to start activity hour

The children were all curious by the array of craft items laid out on the table and keen to make a start. I had been having fun playing with an old toilet roll and turning it into a pig, it was tricky for the two year olds with some scissor action needed but a little parent help and they were all away to go. I was really pleased with the results and will share them on a how to make craft tutorial in time too.


Making pigs from toilet rolls at Activity hour


Keeping the attention of little ones means moving swiftly on and we handed out some worksheets on animals to food matching which can be found on our education pages or you can download a copy here. This was perfect after a week of feeding the animals and having  just visited the bunnies. I was amazed how much the children could remember although the younger ones understandably struggled with pen control to actually join the photos.



Filling out the Food to Animal Worksheets

Craft hour is fun time so after our educational sheet we moved on to some fun animal prints drawing round their little fingers and using finger painting to colour in.

Making handprint chickens

After all that crafting there was just enough time for a quick kick about as Guy came out signalling the train would soon be arriving at the station.


Football Fun During Activity Hour

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall