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Posted on April 17th, 2015

Easter holiday fun

Here on the farm we have enjoyed a wonderful Easter holidays full of children, fun and laughter, the weather has been mixed but we are always prepared and the fun carries on regardless.  

Crafty Fun and Games at Coombe Mill

Easter give such wonderful opportunities for crafting and games leaving us spoilt for choice at Activity Hour. After a reasonably dry week it poured with rain on Friday but we were prepared with Farmer Nick’s new tent. We covered the new ping pong table with dust sheets and pulled up the benches Farmer Nick and Felix had finished making just that morning laying out our crafts as everyone scurried in out of the rain and wind.


Ready to begin Activity Hour in the new ping pong tent at Coombe Mill Family Holidays, Cornwall


I had spent my evenings the previous week working out how to turn a previous week’s successful pig craft from a toilet roll into an Easter Bunny. Where there is a will there is a way and my bunny was formed together with Easter Bonnet where the bunny could hop down and rest in your pocket!


Demonstrating my Easter bonnet with jump down bunny at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


The idea really appealed to the children and we wasted no time in handing out paper plates to work on our bonnets. The older children worked on the spiral cutting & ribbon pinning while the younger children settled for colouring their bonnets whole.



Decorating paper plates to make Easter bonnets. A Coombe Mill Holiday craft on the farm.

With bonnets decorated we began to make our bunnies. The children were great at cutting and bending to form the ears while I helped with feet and stapling to their hats, the finished results were a triumph of up cycling!


Making rabbits from toilet rolls craft at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Activity hour


After all that concentration we had a spot of fun with guess the real egg from the cracked egg in the tray with a chocolate mini egg for everyone selecting the whole egg.


Guess the whole Egg Game at Activity hour on the farm.


Those with the cracked eggs who lost out on the mini eggs were invited to bring their cracked egg over to lead an egg and spoon race. It was harder than you might imagine keeping the lightweight egg shell on a spoon and race but even the youngest children showed great skill and everyone ended up with a chocolate egg reward.  

Egg and Spoon Race

Back in the tent we shared some of the website letter forming worksheets for the younger children and farm word search for the older children as created for us in partnership with twinkl educational resources.   After a week on the farm all the children could easily place the lifecycle pictures for a hen in the correct order too.

Educational Teacher approved twinkle Worksheets at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays.


It was a wonderful use of a rainy afternoon on the farm whilst still benefiting from some fresh air and a lovely way for the children to spend their last afternoon together. The tent is conveniently located right next to the train station so there was no chance over running, everyone piled out to join Clio our driver as the train drew into the station and rain cleared just in time.  



Joining in with Country Kids

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall